Volume I, Issue 5 - February 2017
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February greetings, Academy members!

Don't you love this month's theme of "CONNECTION - Cultivate an Open Heart"? Such a perfect message for our times - and YOU get to share it with your workshop students, incorporating the oils!

It's really about listening with a quiet mind and an open heart to create trust and connection within ourselves and extending out into our community - however small or large that may be. 

You may notice that this month's theme makes a perfect suggested workshop for a special Couples program, including partnered sequences or perhaps for the Acroyoga fans?

Enjoy this issue with tips and ideas, a new book I recommend for your collection, oils suggested for 4th chakra balance, and much more!


Let's Connect Online

ANYTIME, ONLINE: Pose your questions and comments on our secret Academy Facebook page. What would you like to know? Post it here and let's get the conversation underway!
LET’S MEET UP ON-LINE: Make sure to join me on our monthly, one-hour ZOOM call. 2 are offered on that day – join in on one or both, your choice.  This month: Wednesday, February 8 at 8:30pm Eastern, 7:30 pm Central, 6:30 pm Mountain and 5:30 pm Pacific. Log in details and times are on our website under the Monthly Live Zoom Call tab.
Need More Tools for Sharing?
EssentialYoga Program Tear Pads can be purchased from or from me directly on my site.  They make a great workshop handout and a perfect way to explain the opportunity to share doTERRA with prospective teammates interested in oils and yoga.

Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils

For the next few months, we will continue to explore the use of doTERRA essential oils to activate or balance chakras and our energetic being. This is an interesting approach to use with yoga students or your home practice.

This month, our focus is the heart chakra/4th chakra or Anahata.  

Joy. Grief. Compassion. Sympathy. Heart-opening. Harmony. Peaceful.

The 4th chakra is well matched to February's workshop theme of Connection as when balanced, allows us to be open to give and receive love in our lives in a compassionate, empathetic way.

Do you search for the good in others and the world in this era of transition?

How can you put your heart back into your endeavors to connect with your joy and passion for life?

Do you have compassion for your self and feel secure with who you are?

The essential oils help us return to balance when we are feeling self-pity or heartless about a situation or person. They assist us when we are feeling moody or overly critical of others.  Just a few drops applied to the heart chakra area, can begin to move us back into a more open heart and greater health.
How could you introduce the concept of essential oils with heart-opening postures or heart-centered meditation in your practice or classes this month?
Single Oils: Basil, Bergamot, Geranium, Lemon, Lime, Melaleuca, Melissa, Myrrh, Rose, Sweet Marjoram, Thyme.
Blends:  Breathe, Console, Elevation, Peace, Whisper.
Tasty & Healthy, After-Workshop Snack

Sometimes it's fun to offer a doTERRA essential oil snack to workshop participants at your program's end. With Valentine's Day this month, what better treat than these tasty Raw Coco Bites with a touch of Wild Orange---one of the featured oils in our February CONNECTION workshop! This recipe can be found on the doTERRA Product blog.


1 cup raw walnuts 3-5 pitted dates
1 ½ tablespoons raw cocoa powder or to your liking
1 drop of Wild Orange essential oil
½ teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1 tablespoon cacao nibs Pinch of sea salt or Himalayan Pink Salt


  1. Soak raw walnuts in water overnight.
  2. Rinse several times, or until water becomes clear.
  3. Grind ingredients in high speed processor until it turns into a dough.
  4. Shape it as you like and put it in the fridge until chilled.
- See more at:

Scents & Scentuality - 
Aromatherapy & Essential Oils for Romance, Love and Sex
by Valerie Ann Worwood

I seriously hope I'm not offending anyone with this recommendation on the book Scents & Scentuality this month. I am a huge fan of the author, international aromatherapist, Valerie Ann Worwood, and her books. I learn so much from her, and this month is no exception when I ordered a copy of this book to create a class for my doTERRA team.

The book is tastefully written  (although there are several "how to" graphics), honoring the importance of safe touch and so much GREAT info about essential oils and their vibrational healing abilities, as well as their power as emotional support tools. Worwood is an international lecturer, teacher, author and clinician.  She suggests single oils and blends for diffusing, massage oils or bathing (most common applications for a British aromatherapist).  

Happy Valentine's Day!
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