Volume I, Issue 4 - January 2017
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Greetings of the New Year to Academy Members!

This month’s EssentialYoga Program theme is VISION – Is Your Yoga Practice Aligned with Your Goals? 

This theme asks us to re-examine the direction in which we are headed with curiosity. The suggested practice combines specific oils that help us shed unwanted aspects of our practice/ doTERRA business/ life --- and to calmly begin to prepare ourselves for clarity and focus in the new year with refined direction.

How appropriate to combine the suggested sequence of “active” “flow” “twist” “inversions (aka turn it upside down and take another look)!

So as we move through this exciting new month and into the new year, consider what is serving you in your doTERRA-yoga business efforts.  What actions can you take this month to move with the flow toward that vision, knowing twists and turns and sometimes even being upside down can bring the best surprises of all!?!

Enjoy this issue with information about a rapidly-approaching deadline for our fantastic immersion training in Costa Rica, a book I recommend for your collection, oils suggested for 3rd chakra balance, and much more!


COSTA RICA: Learn with me on the beach! 

April 7 - 13   EssentialYoga Academy Immersion Training

Your recent decision to participate in my online EssentialYoga Academy was a wonderful “next step” in gaining further knowledge about ideas to bring doTERRA oils and business opportunity to the yoga community.  As I was creating the Academy – I interviewed a number of yoga instructors around the country and over and over, heard them say that their #1 preference to learn new techniques was through in-person, hands-on training.

So this April, I am bringing that exact type of hands-on training to the beach in Costa Rica with an incredible week of EssentialYoga workshops, doTERRA business training, leisure time on the beach, community service, and so many great special topics workshops. Details are in the webinar below!

I hope you’ll take a look and give the idea of attending some serious consideration. It is going to be the BEST way to truly learn the program and set you up for yoga business success in 2017!  If you’d like to talk about it – please call me at 801-712-5406 and Iets see how we can make it happen for you!
ANNOUNCING: EssentialYoga Academy 2017 Costa Rica Training Immersion Week
January 31 is your final day to register for this amazing week of training!

Let's Connect Online

ANYTIME, ONLINE: Pose your questions and comments on our secret Academy Facebook page. What would you like to know? Post it here and let's get the conversation underway!
LET’S MEET UP ON-LINE: Make sure to join me on our monthly, one-hour ZOOM call. 2 are offered on that day – join in on one or both, your choice.  This month: Wednesday, January 11th. Log in details and times are on our website under the Monthly Live Zoom Call tab.

New Photography Coming this Week!

I’m so excited to offer Academy members free access to brand new marketing photos of EssentialYoga Program workshops which you can use starting Wednesday this week to promote your workshops! 

The photography offered through the Academy will show different ways we use doTERRA oils in our workshops – with both women and men in the class. Have fun with them!!

Requirements for use:
1 – These photos may be used only by Academy members to promote workshops you personally teach. I hope it goes without saying, but the photos I am providing are NOT to be used for any item or service you create that is resold in any form.

2 – Please make sure you leave the logo on the photo (don’t crop it out) so that others will know the source of the image. The image above was not a professional shot - it was taken with my cell phone - but is here to explain the concept.

JOIN ME ON OUR ZOOM CALLS THIS WEDNESDAY FOR A PREVIEW! The images will be online by Thursday morning this week for your use!
Healing Hands, Co-Impact Sourcing and FRANKINCENSE

You may have heard some recent skuttle-butt about doTERRA’s Frankincense sources. In fact, there was a sizeable article in Utah’s Salt Lake Tribune recently proclaiming concern about the supply of Somaliland Frankincense (not our source, but interesting story about the rest of the open market for frankincense.) 

In response to this and to claims by other oil companies, doTERRA Executive Vice President, Emily Wright posted this comment on Facebook recently which provides yet another great reminder why your contributions to the Healing Hands Foundation through the Academy and your own efforts, are rippling out for GOOD in our world!:

“Hopefully I can shed some light on the world frankincense situation. First and foremost, it's important to understand that no company is granted permission, particularly exclusive permission, to export frankincense from Oman. This is not something their government does, so to say Young Living is the only company with permission to export frankincense from Oman simply isn't true. Second, "sacred frankincense" is simply a term that has been coined by Gary Young for Boswellia sacra to make it sound superior, but that is not the case.

This particular species of frankincense does grow in Oman, but next to Boswellia serrata, it is the lowest quality species due to the lack of complexity in its chemical profile. When Dave and I traveled to Somalia in 2014, we did so to understand the true source of frankincense. For thousands of years, frankincense resin has been transported by boat to Oman, Yemen, Dubai, etc. and then exported around the world. Although Oman has taken credit for much of the world's frankincense, we discovered that the majority of the world's frankincense trees are found in Somalia.

A memoir really needs to be written to understand all that is happening on the frankincense front. It is remarkable to see the progress that has been made in just a short period of time. We gained the trust of the clan leaders as well as the government officials (many of whom are Somali Americans) and are making pre and post on-time payments for the precious frankincense resin that is harvested from these treacherous and rural regions. The trees are being managed so they are not over harvested. Warehouses have been built so the women have suitable conditions in which to work as well as restrooms. Schools have been built that now educate boys and girls in regions where a proper education was unimaginable two years ago. Harvesters are being paid a fair and honest wage and can now provide for their families and depend upon a sustainable income.

All of this is thanks to our Co-Impact Sourcing initiatives as well as your generous Healing Hands Foundation donations. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. If you want to change a nation--empower the people! That's exactly what we are doing. We are the beneficiaries of this great work due to the beautiful frankincense we receive. We want to be good stewards of the trees, the people, and the legacy. These trees grow in Somalia for a purpose, and we will forever honor that.”

Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils

For the next few months, we will continue to explore the use of doTERRA essential oils to activate or balance chakras and our energetic being. This is an interesting approach to use with yoga students or your home practice.

This month, our focus is the solar plexus chakra/3rd chakra/ or Manipura.  

Self confidence. Comprehension and learning. Willpower and personal strength. Social identity. Inner harmony and joy.

The 3rd chakra or solar plexus gives us our “gut feeling” to launch into the new year. What a perfect choice for a quick review in January as 2017 begins! This is where the manifestation of mind-body connection can really be felt.

Who are you becoming this year?
Where are you steering your life?

Using essential oils to bring one’s energy back into balance when feeling self-critical, angry, over-ambitious, workaholic, nervous or rejected, can provide a powerful healing approach. 

There are many suggestions to balance 3rd chakra energy with emotions that often stem from sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) overload. If the chakra is overactive – we look at calming oils for mind and internal organs of digestion and detoxification systems. If we need to fire it up – we move toward the spice oils. The impact on a physical level is a relaxation and normal function of the digestive system and key organs of the body found in the 3rd chakra area.
There are many ways to incorporate chakra education into your yoga & oils workshops. Consider how you might ask a few basic questions to students to discover if they are in 3rd chakra balance, deficiency or excess, and then suggest they apply one or two of the appropriate options onto their upper abdomen during class.
Single Oils: Bergamot, cassia, cinnamon, clove, coriander, fennel, ginger, grapefruit, lemon, lime, juniper berry, peppermint, wintergreen.
Blends: DigestZen digestive blend and products, Slim & Sassy metabolic blend, DDR Prime cellular blend, Citrus Bliss Invigorating Blend

The Blossoming Heart –
Aromatherapy for Healing and Transformation

by Robbi Zeck, ND

This book from my oils library is such a joy to read! As you know, I am a major fan of adding resource books to your collection to inspire new ideas and oils experiences. 

I love how Australian Robbi Zeck has combined her years of clinical research and experience as a naturopath, kinesiologist, aromatherapist and professional trainer into this heart-centered book full of ideas you can use personally, and in your workshops and classes. Each oil she presents is highlighted with the emotions it evokes, a bit of history and clinical info, and then she presents a series of questions you can ask yourself while using it ---ending in an affirmation for your Blossoming Heart. 

Her book is designed to help you “navigate our lives into a place of quiet reflection…take a pause, enjoy time to be and experience emotional renewal.”  Great read and tool for workshops as well!
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