Newsletter - 23rd August 2016
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Fluoride Debate Now Available On YouTube - Reveals Fluoride Reduces IQ
A great debate between Prof Paul Connett and Prof Mike Berridge aired this week on Sky TV. The debate was moderated by 60 Minute presenter, Cameron Bennett. If you missed it, you can now watch online HERE.

We are grateful to Prof Berridge for being the first suitably qualified person in New Zealand willing to debate Prof Connett. However, Prof Connett, and we at Fluoride Free NZ, are very familiar with the flaws in Prof Berridge’s commonly argued points. His argument primarily centred around three themes:
  1. He said fluoride occurs naturally and we cannot avoid it, therefore it must be safe [arsenic occurs naturally]
  2. He said fluoride is like iodine. [we all know that fluoride cannot be compared to iodine as iodine is an essential nutrient and fluoride is a neurotoxin like lead and arsenic]
  3. Professor Skegg (Royal Society of New Zealand) and Prof Gluckman (Chief Science Advisor) have looked into the issue, therefore he believes it is safe. [Please see the International Critique of the highly flawed Gluckman-Skegg Review HERE]
In the debate, Prof Connett points out that Professors Skegg and Gluckman made a serious error in a Report that they published two years ago. This report is now used to promote fluoridation in New Zealand. The report concluded the drop in IQ found in a meta analysis of fluoride-brain studies published in the Lancet "was likely to be a measurement or statistical artefact of no functional significance" but Gluckman and Skegg had made a mistake, believing the IQ drop to be only 1 IQ point, whereas it was actually a drop of 7 IQ points. The authors have not changed their conclusion even though they were made aware of the mistake.. See Prof Connett's talk in Christchurch where he describes the details.
Please share this video, and Prof Connett's talk in Christchurch, with as many people as possible including members of Parliament and candidates in the upcoming local Council and DHB elections.
Pro-Fluoridation Lobby Tries
To Quash TV Ads
The pro-fluoridation lobby in NZ is trying to silence debate on fluoridation by complaining to the NZ Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) about Fluoride Free New Zealand's recent TV information campaign.

We have responded with a press release which advises that this initial complaint has already been rejected by the ASA. This complaint was about our "Majority of Countries Do Not Fluoridate" TV advert. Both of our TV ads (“Countries” and “Waste Product”) were approved by the Television Commercial Approvals Board before they were aired. We have now received a complaint about the "Waste Product" ad, which we will be contesting shortly.

We have also made a formal complaint to Radio New Zealand for hosting a one-sided critical interview discussing our own TV ads without allowing any form of input from us. This is a clear breach of the Broadcasting Standards which stipulate "Broadcasters must make reasonable efforts to present competing viewpoints about important issues".
Generous Donor Will Double All Donations Up To $4,000
This amazing contribution means every dollar donated will be doubled and the next $4,000 will instead be $8,000.

We have now raised $31,756 from 377 donors for our current TV and radio information campaign. Another $8,000 would put us at nearly $40,000 and means we could put up some billboards or advertising on the city buses.

We firmly believe we need to get this issue into the mainstream and make sure people are aware of at least some of the basic facts. Radio, TV and billboards are definitely needed to reach those who would not think to seek out information on both sides of the issue.

As always, every dollar counts, so if you feel you can only afford $5 please do not feel it is too small.

Please click here to donate.
Study Shows Fluoride Causes Heart Disease, Stroke And Sudden Death
Fluoride uptake in coronary arteries is associated with an increased cardiovascular risk of sudden death. Fluoride causes enhanced deposition of doped Hydroxyapatite which leads to inflammation and sites for fatty deposits of atherosclerosis. Fluoride interferes with numerous enzyme systems resulting in elevation of key risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Fluoride causes oxidative stress and degeneration of heart muscle. Fluoride inhibits Thyroid function with consequential damage to heart function. Fluoride increases risk of sudden death from ruptured aorta. Diabetes, caused or exacerbated by Fluoride, further increases risk of cardiovascular death and disability.

See full study here.
Fluoridation In NZ Making
Overseas News Again
An article published by US based investigative reporter, Jon Rappoport, a couple of months ago, has now been reproduced in the hugely popular Natural News website. The article is entitled "How New Zealand is systematically poisoning its citizens with fluoride... while crushing local control over water safety".

Natural News is an alternative US based news site with millions of followers and this sort of news is obviously not good for New Zealand's much-relied upon tourism industry. Just imagine if they knew we were also dropping fluoride compound 1080 all over our forests, contaminating even further our waterways, soil, and wildlife. New Zealand uses 90% of the world's 1080 and we are now tracking to become one of only four countries in the entire world with mandatory  nationwide water fluoridation.
NZ Research Shows Fluoridation Not Needed
For those of you new to this newsletter we have included an article we posted a few months ago so that you know the latest science on dental decay rates in fluoridated vs non-fluoridated areas of New Zealand..

New Zealand study published in BMC Oral Health in March this year shows dental health improved the greatest extent for children in non-fluoridated areas. There is now no difference in dental decay rates between non-Maori children who live in fluoridated areas and non-Maori children who live in non-fluoridated areas, proving that fluoridation is not needed for children to obtain good dental health.

There has been an improvement in child dental health over the past ten years right across New Zealand.

Go Green Expo In Christchurch Last Weekend
It was great to discover that most Cantabrians are well aware of the National Government's proposal to force fluoridation on them (only Wairmairi has ever been fluoridated 1966 - 1986) and by far the majority were opposed. Non-fluoridated Canterbury often has better teeth than fluoridated areas of New Zealand, and they know they don’t need fluoridation.

The level of awareness is in part due to the amount of advertising we did in the lead-up to Prof Connett's talks in July. We were able to do this because of the money you kindly donated through the Give A Little campaign.

People need to be aware that both Labour and the Greens also support mandatory nationwide fluoridation. Only Democrats for Social Credit and The Awareness Party oppose it, and NZ First supports a referendum. Although perhaps they would only carry through with that if it was an election promise.
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