Newsletter - 3rd April 2017
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Our Hearings in NZ Parliament This Week
The Select Committee Hearings are now all done. The Committee is due to report back to Parliament on the 6th of June. That means it will report to the House with recommendations and go into Committee of the Whole House to discuss it bit by bit before second reading.

We have the next two months to try and convince as many MPs as possible to oppose this Bill. Please encourage as many people as you can to call their MPs now and tell them they must say no to the Fluoridation Bill and support CHILDSMILE for NZ instead - it's a win for everyone.
The phone number for the Beehive MPs is (04) 817-9999. Tell them your area and they can tell you who your MP is if you don't know. We have been advised by a former lobbyist that phone calls work better than anything else.
Letters to the editor usually get printed and most people who read printed papers read letters to the editor. It's great if you can include in your letter to the editor that you hope people will CALL THEIR MPs to tell them to vote against the bill and support a CHILDSMILE programme in NZ like they have in non-fluoridated Scotland. Scottish children now have much better teeth than NZ children and they're saving 5 million pounds per year. More info about the CHILDSMILE programme is HERE.

It seems many MPs, including Julie Ann Genter from the Greens, think shifting the decision to the DHBs makes sense because it is a medical issue. They don't seem to realise that the DHBs are our opposition, they ALWAYS support fluoridation no matter what. This Bill is about getting the debate out of the public arena as they have been losing the argument when people hear both sides. It is also tacit admission that fluoridation is mass medication.

There were 1299 submissions to the Select Committee with 95% opposed to the Bill and 91% opposed to fluoridation. Around 200 people spoke to the Select Committee, around half of these via teleconference. 

There is no doubt that it will have got the Select Committee members seriously worried.

It was very frustrating and disappointing that the submissions were held at the same time in different rooms with "sub-committees" of only 2 or 3 Health Select Committee members present for each presentation spread between these three rooms. A few of us tried to get around the rooms to film the submissions that people gave in person. Unfortunately, we could not get around to all of them and missed filming some of them, including some of the really interesting ones.

We are in the process of uploading the clips to Youtube. You can see some of them here. Please Subscribe to our channel to keep up to date with the latest videos.
Our TV Advert has had Hundreds of Thousands of Views in the US
Our toxic waste TV advert from last year was picked up by Waking Times which is an independent online magazine "where evolution and revolution collide".

The video has had 375k views and over 12k shares!

We would like to get our TV ads back into the public domain either on the TV or using online forums such as TV Ondemand, Facebook or google ads. To do that we will need another fundraiser so are in the process of setting up another Give A Little campaign.

We also put out a press release last week in response to a study that was published on lead and its effect on children's IQ. The study that was covered by TV3's The Project.

It's astounding that we don't have thousands of health professionals, scientists and academics around the country demanding the Government implement the Precautionary Principle with regards to fluoridation (and 1080). Seems we have learnt nothing.

Educate Don't Fluoridate
Nelson Protest March
Wednesday before last was World Water Day. The Nelson-based group, Educate Don't Fluoridate, organised a march down Trafalger Street in Nelson. It was a really good turnout with about 60 people.

Stuff have done a good article on this with a short video clip.

Fluoridation in Nelson/Marlborough is being pushed by the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board. Nelson-Marlb DHB Principal Dental Officer, Rob Beaglehole, is also the fluoridation spokesperson for the New Zealand Dental Association. He therefore has a huge interest in pushing fluoridation, even though he is reported in the newspaper as saying that dental health has improved in non-fluoridated Nelson-Marlborough district.

We would like to know if Rob takes fluoride tablets and if he gives them to his children and neighbourhood children who come to visit at his house for lunch. If not, then why does he want to force it down the throats of his fellow citizens.
Our Demonstration outside Parliament
After our Hearings finished on Wednesday the 22nd, also on World Water Day, we held a demonstration outside the Parliament building. The photos show the costumes we made for Metiria Turei and Peter Dunne.

We chose Peter Dunne because he introduced the Bill to Parliament and called people opposed to fluoridation "tin foil hat wearers", and Metiria Turia as it is particularly galling to have a NZ Green party supporting the disposal of industrial waste via the public water supply and letting down many of our readers who have always supported the Greens.

We would have liked to have more supporters at the Demonstration, but 2pm on a weekday down at the far end of the city isn't the easiest place and there isn't as much crowd either. But we chatted to people and handed out our quizzes and it was a nice way for many of us to finish our big day presenting, as most of us presented that day. We did have another 10 or 12 people presenting the following day as well. And we did get a lot of attention from passers-by with the costumes.
MoH claim of 40% reduction exposed
We now have the raw data -  at least as raw as the Ministry will release. This data comes from the 2009 Oral Health Survey and is used by the Ministry of Health, and other fluoridation promoters, to claim that fluoridation reduces dental decay by 40%.

The examinations this data comes from is now wildly out-of-date and it is unreasonable that promoters still use this rather than the latest published New Zealand School Dental School Statistics (2015) which show no difference.

This survey has also been used as the basis for the Sapere Report which is used to pretend that fluoridation is cost-effective. By using this false "40% difference" they can actually have a cost-benefit ratio. If they used a much more honest set of data (e.g. School dental stats) there would be no cost benefit and the whole premise that the current Bill would not have a leg to stand on.
See New Zealand Dental Health Studies here
Please sign our petition and share with all your friends to stop mandatory nationwide fluoridation
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