Newsletter - 16th February 2017
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Health Select Committee Update
As of today, the Select Committee is still unable to tell us how many submissions were received, as they are still collating them. Once collated, they will go to the Committee who will decide when and where the Hearings will be. We were advised today that the Committee members will also decide how many minutes people will have to speak. I'm guessing there have been a lot of submissions and this may be a factor in the amount of speaking time allotted.

We understand the Hearings will be at least in Wellington, but the Committee may travel to other cities to hear more speakers if there is enough demand.

We have uploaded a number of submissions to our website. This makes for very interesting reading and I'm sure you will all be convinced that no sane person could vote to enact law that has the intention of extending fluoridation after you have read them. If you would like your submission to be included on our website, please email it to us and we will include it on the page.

We have heard that Christchurch City Council is opposing the Bill and that the Canterbury District Health Board could not decide on its stance. Local Government New Zealand is calling for the Director General to take over responsibility for fluoridation (making us one of only three countries in the world with mandatory fluoridation) and Hamilton City Council is opposing the Bill on the grounds that whoever makes the decision should be responsible for the cost. They also believe there should be consultation with the community.
The above graph has been a big hit on Facebook, with 639 shares and a reach of over 60,000 people. We are pleased that people are now taking the time to examine the content. The aim of this graph is to show that there is more to the Ministry of Health's claim than what people hear. In this example we can show that children in non-fluoridated Canterbury often have better teeth than children in fluoridated Auckland and Hamilton   We agree that this is not science at its finest, but it is similar to what the MoH is using to force fluoridation on the whole country.

To find out more about how the MoH calculates this claim of 40%, see our page "Does Fluoridation Reduce Dental Decay? No it doesn't!"
"Fluoride and the Brain" Now Available on DVD
In less than one week (20th Feb) the US EPA will be ruling on a petition lodged by Fluoride Action Network (USA) to ban the intentional addition of fluoride chemicals to the drinking water under provisions in the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). This petition was triggered by the ever-increasing number of studies that indicate that fluoride is neurotoxic and has the potential to lower IQ in children.

The petition was written by Michael Connett, JD.  Michael is also featured in a new video "Fluoride and the Brain" which we will be selling in a couple of weeks. In this, he explains that fluoride's ability to lower IQ in children is just the tip of an iceberg of over 300 animal and human studies that indicate that fluoride is neurotoxic.

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One of the many ways you can help to stop this draconian Bill from going through is to actively tell as many people as you can about what is happening. Many people, especially those in never-fluoridated areas, or maybe worse - those that have fought to have it stopped, will be appalled to find out the Government (and Labour and the Greens) want to force it onto them via the District Health Boards.

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New Study Shows Fluoridated Kids Still Have Severe Dental Decay
A study published by Dr Stan Litras, using data received under the Official Information Act, shows that children in fluoridated Auckland have just as much (maybe even slightly more) severe dental decay than Auckland children in the non-fluoridated parts of Auckland.

Fluoridation proponents would have us believe that fluoridation reduces the incidence and severity of dental decay, but this data proves that it doesn't.

This highlights the absolute waste of money the current legislation would impose on New Zealanders, and indeed the waste of money on current fluoridation schemes.

Fluoridation is not helping anyone, and that money could be spent on proper programmes, such as the Scottish CHILDSMILE, which really do make a difference.
Analysis of Fluoride's Effect on the Brain published in the Journal Fluoride
New York – February 7, 2017 – Some children in the U.S. may be consuming enough fluoride to reach doses that have the potential to lower their IQ, according to a research team headed by Dr. William Hirzy, PhD, a former U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) senior scientist who specialized in risk assessment and published in the journal Fluoride (Oct-Dec 2016), reports the Fluoride Action Network (FAN).

“The effect of fluoride on IQ is quite large, with a predicted mean 5 IQ point loss when going from a dose of 0.5 mg/F/day to 2.0 mg F/day.”

The USA Department of Health and Human Services has lowered their maximum recommended level from 1.2ppm (previous range 0.7 - 1.2ppm) down to 0.7ppm. The NZ Ministry of Health recommends a range of 0.7ppmm to 1ppm with a target of 0.85ppm. This is possibly the highest recommended level in the world.
Please sign our petition and share with all your friends to stop mandatory nationwide fluoridation
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