Newsletter - 15th September 2016
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Want to know where candidates stand on fluoridation?
We are currently sending a survey to as many candidates as we can find contact details for. The survey is being sent to Local Council, Regional Council and District Health Board members. As there are thousands of candidates throughout the country, it will take us some time to collate all the answers and to provide you with the list of candidates that are opposed to adding hydrofluorosilicic acid to the drinking water.

Voting papers are being sent between 16th - 21st September. Papers need to be returned by 12 noon on Saturday 8th October. If you can hold off voting until the last week - we will do our best to let you know who, in your area, is opposed to fluoridation. We will try to advise you as soon as possible, but it is likely, given the volume, that our results will not be publicly available until Monday 26th September. Bear in mind that we may not manage to reach all candidates, and many candidates may not respond.

In the meantime please attend the Meet the Candidates meetings being held around the country, particularly the ones with DHBs. It is very important for us to show support for candidates who oppose fluoridation, and for others to know this is a real issue of concern. We all need to ask the candidates what their stand is on fluoridation.

Paul Connett and Bill Osmundson debate top US fluoridation promoters
ANOTHER FLUORIDATION DEBATE was held in the USA on September 8th 2016
FAN Senior Advisor, Paul Connett, PhD, and new FAN Director, Bill Osmunson, DDS, faced-offed against pro-fluoridation dentists, Steven Slott and Johnny Johnson, representing the American Fluoridation Society.
The debate took place in Cortland, NY at the request of the Mayor, while the council is considering state grants to study the implementation of fluoridation.
Those of you who read and comment on any fluoridation articles online will already be familiar with Johnny Johnson and Steven Slott. They’re both notorious for posting thousands of pro-fluoridation comments on anything fluoride-related on the internet.
Meanwhile, in person they were less than impressive, unable to cite even a single primary study proving fluoridation's safety or effectiveness.
Watch debate here: (2 hours)
Fluoridation and Democracy

"It’s not about water fluoridation, it’s about democracy and following a proper process."

"As a member of the Waikato District Health Board I believe it is my job to ask hard questions and hold our system to account. Board members, both elected and appointed, are there to ensure a good process is followed so that the best decisions can be made. At our DHB, and apparently at others around New Zealand, I believe that we have lost sight of the right process and therefore decisions are being made without having all of the relevant facts in hand.

During September 2016 we saw media reports of allegations of bullying and intimidation at Nelson and Marlborough DHB against a board member who raised legitimate concerns about the safety and value of water fluoridation. Another report related to a board member’s concerns at Canterbury DHB about their “gagging policy” and lack of transparency. Please refer to the links at the bottom of this article to read more about these cases" more

Vote for Me!
Teleconference and News from Australia
The September 2016 Teleconference "Vote for Me! - Fluoride Free Activists Run for Office" is now available for listening (Click here to listen). Wellington dentist, Dr Stan Litras, DDS, who is running for Capital and Coast DHB, was one of the featured participants.

Things are also hotting up across the ditch. Fluoride Free Western Australia has handed a circa 7,000 signature petition to WA Government. See article in the Sydney Morning Herald.

And the Northern Queensland township of Mackay is looking at stopping fluoridation. At a public forum yesterday, Queensland for Safe Water spokesperson, Merilyn Haines, presented a great case that blew fluoridation proponent, dentist Michael Foley, out of the water.

Dr Foley obviously thinks the general public cannot understand the science and therefore should be ignored. He kept repeating that "the fluoride ion is the fluoride ion, no matter where it comes from". However he also said that they needed to use sodium fluoride, rather than naturally occurring calcium fluoride, as fluoride binds with calcium and makes it far less soluble. But, he argues, since fluoride is already present in all water supplies, he believes it cannot do any harm. But if it is increased to "provide a dental benefit" - how can he assume that the increase in fluoride ions has not had any other health effect?

We will provide a link to video footage of this interesting meeting when it becomes available.

Article to left was article published in the Canterbury community newspapers Nor' West News, Southern View, Western News and Pegasus Post. Publish date was Tuesday 16th August.
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