May 2019, Volume 26
  1. Science Rendezvous Recap 
  2. Summer Retreat: The Toronto Zoo
  3. Welcome summer students!
  4. RMC visitors
  5. 2019 Medicine by Design New Ideas Award
  6. Upcoming BioZone Orientation
  7. BioZone  IT Training Workshops
  8. BioZone Mass Spec Facility Workshop
  9. April Newsletter Erratum

1. Science Rendezvous Recap 

On Saturday, May 11th, BioZone manned a booth at Science Rendezvous to spread microbiology and biotechnology awareness by using fluorescent E. coli to make agar art!

The event was a resounding success and it would not have been possible without the help from all of our amazing volunteers and folks who helped out on the organizing committee.

We want to give an especially big shout out to Courtney Toth—her expertise with agar art was crucial to making sure this event was a well-oiled machine. You should check out some of her art by following her on Instagram.

We had over 300 visitors at our booth this year, and while a few of our favourites are pictured below, you can check out all of the cool art not pictured here!

2. Summer Retreat: The Toronto Zoo!

It's that time of year again!

Summer is coming (we think) and what better way to beat the heat than getting out of the city and adventuring to an African savannah?
Join us in our safari to the Toronto Zoo!

This event will be subsidized by BioZone, so tickets are only $5! This outing will be taking place June 18, so keep an eye out for future announcements!

Penelope the baby pygmy hippo awaits!

3. Welcome Summer Students!

Some of our hardest-working summer students ready to experiment (once they get their RRFs in of course)!

To celebrate the start of summer and welcome the new summer students, we hosted a special teatime on May 7th. 

We have 19 summer students this year:

  • Runlin Yuan - Allen lab
  • Priyanka Kumar - Diosady lab
  • Lisa Martin - Diosady lab
  • Fanny Krzywizniak - Diosady lab
  • Gladys Olubowale - Diosady lab
  • Susanne Tan - Diosady lab
  • Dijia Zhang - Diosady lab
  • Jennifer Wang - Edwards & Master labs
  • Ella Wang - Edwards lab
  • Jeremy Rau - Edwards lab
  • Laurent Chien - Master lab
  • Howie Lam - Yakunin & Mahadevan labs
  • Emily Yu - Mahadevan lab
  • Kathy Wang - Mahadevan lab
  • Matthew Mascioni  - Master lab
  • Yutong Zhu - McGuigan lab
  • Mirjana Mijalkovic - McGuigan lab
  • Xinzhu Tan - McGuigan lab
  • Lauren Bahn - McGuigan lab

Welcome to BioZone everyone!

4. BioZone Visited by Students from RMC

On May 1, we had a special group of visitors come to BioZone: the third-year chemical engineering class from the Royal Military College of Canada.

These students came to tour the facility and get an idea of what research was happening in the chemical engineering field, and to learn about grad school in ChemE. 

We also has a lot to learn from them about life in training for the armed forces, and the many motivations to choose this special training over a regular university degree.

Hopefully we see some of these faces again in the future!

5. Medicine By Design New Ideas Award 

Professor Mahadevan’s team has received a 2019 Medicine by Design New Ideas Award for their work aiming to create new therapies for inflammatory bowel disease by engineering gut bacteria that can sense inflammation, and then secrete molecules that dampen the effect. 

Medicine by Design’s New Ideas and Seed Fund awards supports translational research aimed at advancing innovative concepts that are expected to be of critical importance to regenerative medicine in the coming decades, using tools such as synthetic biology and mathematical modelling.

Read more about it here!

6. BioZone Orientation

BioZone is hosting an orientation on Friday, May 31 for all new BioZoners (summer students, new technicians, new researchers, etc.). This will be held from 9:30–12:00 in WB407.
All new students and members who have joined in April and after are invited.

Please share this information with new members of your lab! 

7. BioZone IT Training Workshops

BioZone will be hosting IT training workshops covering the many services and facilities that are currently available to all its members. The workshop will guide users through practical problems faced while accessing these services.  Please feel free to email Vinthiya Param if there are other areas that are of interest to you.

If you are interested in the workshop please fill in the doodle poll HERE to find a suitable time. 

Training will be focused on the following areas:
  • BioZone portal
  • Using IT facilities in meeting rooms WB407 and WB215
  • Next cloud
  • Onedrive
  • Onenote
  • Teams
Training materials on all the IT services available at BioZone can also be found on the BioZone portal HERE

8. BioZone Mass Spec Facility workshop

On May 21, BioZone’s Mass Spectrometry Facility hosted a student workshop which was led by the facility’s Metabolomics Specialist, Robert Flick.

The workshop focused on teaching basic principles of mass spectrometry, including illustrating differences in types of mass spectrometers, ionization methods and related theories, chromatographic methods, as well as sample considerations and limitations. 

This was followed by a data processing training session, where students were taken through the steps involved in processing both targeted and nontargeted small molecule data sets.  The data processing session also provided an opportunity for students to analyze actual targeted mass spec data for themselves with help and supervision from the facility’s Metabolomic Specialist. 

This workshop saw a total of 10 attendees, reaching the initial cap set out for this workshop.  In response to additional interest expressed for such training sessions, BioZone’s Mass Spectrometry Facility plans to hold additional, similar workshops in mid-October 2019.

9. An Erratum

In the April newsletter (Vol. 25), in our publication haste, we made two errors that we must call your attention to. 

1. There were two BioZone awardees of the Rein Oston Memorial Graduate Scholarship; Anupama Sharan was also given the award in addition to Chester Pham.

2. Fanny Krzywiznaik and Lisa Martin are visting grad students in Professor Diosady's lab, not Professor Saville's.

We apologize for the mistakes Anupama, Lisa, and Fanny!
Please email us if you have something to add to the next edition of the BioZone Newsletter
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