November 2017, Volume 17
  1. Congratulations to Our New BioZone Alumni
  2. Genome Canada Project – Genomics Driven Engineering of Hosts for Bio-Nylon
  3. Research2Reality: Prof. Alison McGuigan
  4. BioZone Holiday Party 2017
  5. BioZone Research Symposium Highlights
  6. BioZone Council Elections
  7. New Publications

1. Congratulations to Our New BioZone Alumni

Congratulations to all of the BioZoners who convocated this November!
Allen Lab - Jason Ya (M.A.Sc.), Radia Tasnim (M.Eng.)
Diosady Lab - Elisa McGee (Ph.D.), Nishil Gosalia (M.Eng.)
Edwards Lab - Nigel Guilford (Ph.D.), Elisse Magnusson (M.A.Sc.), Johnny Xiao (M.A.Sc.)
Mahadevan Lab - Vik Pandit (Ph.D.)
Masters Lab - Ruoyu Yan (Ph.D.), Fakhria Muhammad (M.A.Sc.), Roman Malekzai (M.A.Sc.)
Saville Lab - Ruoan Wang (M. Eng.)

2. Genome Canada Project – Genomics Driven Engineering of Hosts for Bio-Nylon

The Genomic Applications Partnership Program (GAPP) funds translational research and development projects that address real-world challenges and opportunities as identified by industry, government, not-for-profits, and other “receptors” of genomics knowledge and technology. Five projects have been selected for funding in Round 8 of GAPP, for a total investment of $24.5 million ($8.1 million from Genome Canada and $16.4 million from co-funding partners including provincial governments, private sector and not-for-profit organizations). These project include the Genomics Driven Engineering of Hosts for Bio-Nylon project led by Krishna Mahadevan (BioZone) & Kit Lau (BioAmber).

Click here to read more on the BioZone website, and here on the Genome Canada website.

3. Research2Reality: Prof. Alison McGuigan

Prof. Alison McGuigan was interviewed by Research2Reality!

Her advice to young researchers: "Building the best possible team to help you solve the problem you are addressing is critical. Don’t be scared to collaborate with people that work in areas you have no knowledge about because you might ask stupid questions."

Great advice, Prof. McGuigan!

Her full interview can be found here.

4. BioZone Holiday Party 2017

Mark your calendars for the Annual BioZone Holiday Party will be held on Friday December 8th at 5PM in GB202.
Sign-up for Your Dish:
As always, this event is a potluck dinner, so please visit this page to sign-up your dish!
Prizes will be given for the best dish in each category: appetizer, main (vegetarian and non-vegetarian), and dessert!
Register Yourself, Your Family, Your Partner, Your Friend:
Please register for the Holiday Party on Eventbrite. This is a family-friendly party, and we hope to have fun activities for all ages!
Dress to Impress Santa:
Prizes will be awarded for best Holiday Ensemble/Costume!
Nominate a Fellow BioZoner
BioZone is only a great place to work and learn because of the efforts of its members. It is important that we take time to thank and recognize everyone in BioZone for the countless ways they support the BioZone community. This is your chance to specifically recognize those BioZone members who have gone above and beyond what is expected and who have given extra time and energy to make sure that everyone's experience in BioZone is as great as it can be.
Please use this survey to nominate BioZone members (Faculty, Research Assistants, PDFs, Technicians, Graduate Students, or Staff) for the following awards:
1. Technical Excellence Award
2. Community Service Award
3. Innovation Award
Awards will be presented at the Holiday Party.

Hope to see you all there!

5. BioZone Research Symposium Highlights

This BioZone Fall Research Symposium 2017 was a huge success!
  • We had 80+ attendees: BioZone members and non-members.
  • Our invited speakers, Prof. Ted Sargent and Phil DeLuna gave an excellent talk on Bio-Inspired Solar Energy Conversion.
  • There were 8 incredible talks from students and research associates from the Savchenko, Diosady, Saville, Mahadevan, Yakunin, Passeport and Sherwood Lollar labs.
  • The 3-Minute Thesis competition was great fun, with presenters from the Mahadevan, Diosady, Allen, Yakunin, and Edwards labs.
  • Congratulations to our winners: Naveen and Kiki for your presentations!
Thank you to all of our presenters, judges, attendees and volunteers!

Our next BioZone Research Symposium will be held in Spring 2018.

6. BioZone Council Elections

The term for the current BioZone Council is coming to an end.
We have had so much fun organizing the Fall Retreat, Fall Research Symposium and Holiday Party!!
Thank you for the great applications we've received.
Look out for the announcement of the BioZone Council for 2018!

7. New Publications

Khusnutdinova, A. N., Flick, R., Popovic, A., Brown, G., Tchigvintsev, A., Nocek, B., Correia, K., Joo, J. C., Mahadevan, R. and Yakunin, A. F. (2017), Exploring Bacterial Carboxylate Reductases for the Reduction of Bifunctional Carboxylic Acids. Biotechnology Journal., 12: n/a, 1600751. doi:10.1002/biot.201600751

Klamt, S., Mahadevan, R., Hadicke, O. When do two-stage processes outperform one-stage processes?  Biotechnology Journal. (2017) doi:10.1002/biot.201700539.

Pratap Singh, A., Siddiqui, J. & Diosady, L.L. Characterizing the pH-Dependent Release Kinetics of Food-Grade Spray Drying Encapsulated Iron Microcapsules for Food Fortification. Food Bioprocess Technol (2017).

Puentes Jacome, L. A. and Edwards, E. A. A switch of chlorinated substrate causes emergence of a previously undetected native Dehalobacter population in an established Dehalococcoides-dominated chloroethene-dechlorinating enrichment culture. FEMS Microbiol Ecol. 93, 12 (2017). Doi: 10.1093/femsec/fix141

Qiao, W., Luo, F., Lomheim, L., Mack, E., Ye, S., Wu, J. and Edwards, E. A. Natural attenuation and anaerobic benzene detoxification processes at a chlorobenzene-contaminated industrial site inferred from field investigations and microcosm studies. Environmental Science & Technology. (2017) doi: 10.1021/acs.est.7b04145

Yan, J., Bi, M., Bourdon, A.K., Farmer A.T.,Wang, P.H., Molenda, O., Quaile, A.T., Jiang, N., Yang, Y., Yin, Y., Şimşir, B., Campagna, S.R., Edwards, E.A., Löffler, F.E. Purinyl-cobamide is a native prosthetic group of reductive dehalogenases. Nat Chem Biol. (2017) doi:10.1038/nchembio.2512
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