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Staff of the Month

The primary purpose of a Direct Service Professional (DSP) is to assist people who need support to lead self-directed lives and to participate fully in their communities. An emphasis on empowerment and participation is critical to help people achieve their best life as directed by our mission. It is the mandate of the DSP to follow the individual path suggested by the unique gifts, preferences, and needs of each person they support. To walk in partnership with the person, and those who love them, toward a life of opportunity, well-being, freedom, and contribution.  


Staff of the Month nominations are a PCL monthly celebration and a reminder of the hard work of staff who each and every day go above and beyond to enhance the quality of life of the people we support. Staff of the Month team members are honored at all-staff meetings and PCL’s annual Team Member Appreciation Banquet.


Congratulations PCL Staff of the Month and THANK YOU…...……………..


Lisa Bennett

“Lisa exemplifies our Board Directive of being a Great Place to Work through her tenacity and abundance mentality. Lisa has worked at the same house for close to 20 years, however, each week she starts her live-in, she comes in with a mentality and work ethic filled with passion, purpose, and spirit.”


Desiree Smith

“Desiree goes above and beyond every day, not just in hiring or recruiting, but as a member of the HR Team. If someone needs help, Desiree is always there to offer a hand.”


Lindsay Pearson

“Lindsay demonstrates PCL values every day she comes to work. She comes with a smile and makes sure that she has fun and motivates other staff. The people we support always request for Lindsay for day trips”



Lynn-Roy Robson-Merritt

“Lynn-Roy clearly demonstrates a strong understanding of our philosophy that everyone has something to give, believing the person he supports can succeed with the right tools and access to his community resources. Lynn-Roy has grown significantly in the last several months in his role by demonstrating a strong understanding of tenacity.”


Chelsea Avichouser

“Chelsea is fearless when supporting people. She is never scared to try new things and has a positive attitude whenever new things are brought up. Chelsea never says we can’t do that instead she has a ton of ideas on how to try new things and how best to support the people she works with.”


Jennifer Williams

“Jennifer is the glue that holds the Southern Oregon office together. She is organized, on top of everything, tenacious, and cool-headed. She is the person everyone goes to when they need help with a problem or ideas about how to fix things.”


Lona Boudon

“Because of Lona’s tenacity, she was able to help find a job for the young lady she supports. It took a lot of work, but they were able to find a job that this person loves and is able to thrive in. With the support of Lona, the person she supports has now been at her place of employment for almost a year.”



Betty Sanders

“Betty has amazing Tenacity, especially when it comes to planning activities of choice for those she supports. She is always making sure the ladies she supports are able to get out to get tapestry completed.”


Brandt Booth

“In his time with PCL, Brandt has built a great working relationship with his co-workers and the two guys he supports. His knowledge and passion for the wellbeing of the people he supports have helped them through difficult times.”


Karen Narrow

“Every day, Karen simultaneously behaves with a strong understanding of Integrity and Tenacity, seeing barriers are opportunities, and helping people she supports to understand informed choices, regardless of their decision.“


Scott Harris

“Scott continuously is providing quality tech support to all teams that he interacts with and works with teams to find the most efficient and user-friendly way to complete their everyday tasks.”



Angie Radford

“Angie is truly a great provider of person-centered services. When planning the events of the day, Angie constantly thinks about what the perspective might be for each of the ladies that live in the home and how each person will be best supported during each event.”


Irene Shipley

“Irene has been stellar in her pursuit of meaningful jobs for people on her caseload seeking employment.”


Jen Urban

“Jen Urben has been a Hiring & Training Associate for 2 years and during that time has undergone tremendous growth.  When Jen first applied and interviewed for this position, she did not get the job. It was through her own Tenacity (and the tenacity of her staff) that kept her going and showed us all we had made a mistake in not hiring her.”


Kathy Burton

“Kathy expresses humility when she communicates with family, seeks medical advice, connects with community resources and works on a plan to improve her home safety for the person she supports. Kathy is amazing at supporting people to find solutions and making plans to improve their quality of life.”



Deb Bittick

“Deb Bittick is committed to providing person-centered supports even when the person she supports is tossing up roadblocks along the way.”


Cindy Fisher

“Cindy has taken PCL’s Playbook Value and expectations to heart and dedicated herself to ensuring a clean, comfortable and safe home for the two gentlemen she supports. As well, Cindy is always going through files and making sure that her team has completed all the needed documentation so that nothing falls through the cracks.”


Hannah Ready

“Hannah has been super influential in the recent moves at one of the houses. She made sure the person she supported had a comfortable transition. She also helped the person she supports build relationships with her new housemates prior to her moving in and since she has moved in.”


Michael Decker

“Michael truly understands that even though something may be challenging for someone, doesn't make it impossible. That we are there to support people in new and challenging adventures, not just stick to the familiar ones; because those familiar adventures were once a challenge as well.”

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