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PCL’s Individualized Services

             We are proud to celebrate the 14th year of our Individualized Services (IS) Department! The IS team was initially developed to respond to the support needs of Adults with Intellectual/Developmental disabilities that were served by the Oregon Brokerage system. Much has changed since the IS Team was developed, but one thing remains the same; IS team members are hired directly by the people they support. Because the Direct Support Professionals (DSP) in IS are contracted by each person they support, they identify the person supported as a customer. Each IS DSP may work with 1-7 customers on any given day; each customer requesting assistance with different tasks or activities. There are 48 DSPs in IS supporting 83 customers in 5 different counties.

Because people's needs are flexible and change on a regular basis, team members work a flexible schedule that enables them to meeting the needs of  their customers. They embrace and encourage self-determination at all levels. The customer is the front-line supervisor and they choose who they will work with or not work with (as in doing their own hiring and dismissals). This is why finding a good match between the DSP and the customer is so important; developing a good relationship is key to success.


IS DSPs must be prepared to deal with any and all of life’s situations. They creatively help their customers to navigate complex challenges such as family dynamics, cultural, financial, legal, and health related issues. These situations can often be very challenging and require IS DSPs to be skilled problem solvers, quick thinkers and masters of our PCL Mission and person centered values. On a typical day IS DSPs are tirelessly helping their customers reach their goals and break down barriers. Here are some of the most recent success stories from the IS team:

Josh is very shy but wants to make new friends. He is also a HUGE video game fan!  He  found out that Borderlands in Salem allows people to play games there. He set up a “Game Day” and invited others to join him with the support of his DSP, Bella. He is now having a “Game Day” once a week!

Michael has been working on talking to people. He and his DSP, Charles, practiced this skill. He now greets his mother when she comes to visit.  This has been a very exciting accomplishment for both Michael and his mother.

Kelly performed in the Benton County ARC’s Drama Squad performance of “The Reluctant Dragon.” Kelly played the role of St. George, the Knight. With the support of her DSP, Heather, she memorized all of her lines, practiced, and learned her sword fighting. It was wonderful to see Kelly on stage in full costume acting her heart out!
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IS Leadership Team: James Bennett, Angie Boone, Kristine Merritt, Kira Denton, Megan Newsom, Sara Smith, Ginger Jones, Heather Blodgett and Jennifer Rourk
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