A pop-up show at Distillery Gallery organized by the students of MassArt's FA2D Professional Practices.

Exhibition Dates: April 18th - April 23rd
Gallery Hours: 12 - 5 PM
Reception: Wednesday, April 20th 6 - 9 PM
Location: Distillery Gallery, 516 E 2nd St, Boston, MA 02127

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Cover image by Adam Eddy
Design by Grace Shand

The welcome mat is pretty clean here. You almost didn’t make it because you had to stop on the side of the highway to pee and then your car ran out of gas and then you had to find a place to buy sunglasses because your eyes hurt. The light is blinding and the sunglasses at the gas station made you feel like a jock living in 2005 but they were only $4 so, whatever, this is behind you now. The garden exists.

Despite their differences in etymology and dictionary definition, the ideas of paradise, utopia, and heaven exist simultaneously as real and unreal states. They share a notion of possibility that is immediately deemed impossible once it becomes fully realized. As Sartre said, “hell is other people”, and this gave hell an easily accessible point of entry. Unlike hell, the access points of paradise are perpetually out of reach, although palm trees and planned leisure become a convincing metaphor.

There is a garden, and it exists seeks to explore the notion of paradise, its various attempts of entry, and our own crushed expectations upon arrival. What was intended to be paradise simply ends up becoming a rearranged version of our own mundane hell.  Regardless, the dream endures, and the search continues despite the mounting proof of this dream of paradise being just that -- a dream.


Yael Ben-Zion

Ashley Billingsley

Kelley Donahue

Adam Eddy

Christopher Frost

Debra K Jayne

Sascha LaFave

Eung-Sun Lee

Michelle Long

Leeanne Maxey

Matthew Noonan

Adam Jaye Porter

Kara Skolnik


Victoria Marie Barquin

Pauli Mia


Production Team

Maureen Anderson

Amanda Baker

Erin Kenny

Masha Keryan

Faust Lacrimosa

Brooke Lambert

Camila McCarthy

Lauren Olsen

Grace Shand

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