Happy Pride, Terra Community!!

This shit is BANANAS.
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Are you as fed up and tired with corporations getting all amped and excited about their plans to rainbow-wash their programming and products for the month of June? Nevermind examining the inherent racism, anti-blackness, transphobia, and homophobia that exists in your company culture, just throw a rainbow over your logo and call it good!

Despite this performance of less than bare-minimum corporate bullshit, we want to share a few folx who inspire us to keep it real 100 percent of the time, in honor of Pride.

(Stay until the end because we have new content and an announcement of a new team member too)!

(image courtesy of Hart's and Donnely's Soundcloud)


Ericka Hart is a Black, Queer, Sagittarius, Non-Binary femme, breast cancer survivor, sex-educator, writer, model, and racial/social/gender justice disruptor. Ebony Donnely is an audio engineer, writer, Ericka's manager, and partner.
(image courtesy of Facebook)


Mercy Shammah is a powerhouse organizer, leader, and wilderness guide through Wild Diversity. She is also an experienced carpenter and teaches courses at Portland's Rebuilding Center.

Wild Diversity is a resource for healing through relationship with the outdoors specifically for Queer, Black folx, and Queer folx of color, though Shammah encourages all who support this initiative to join in on the planned activities, outings, and meet-ups. Wild Diversity is a necessary and important community that rejects the white, cisheteronormative patriarchal culture that tends to dominate the mainstream outdoor industry.
(image courtesy of Lead2Life)


Brontë Velez is a visionary leader who co-founded Lead2Life, and  offers their skills as media director for Planting Justice. Their work engages critical ecology, radical imagination, and decomposition as rebellion.

From their interview with For The Wild: " a black-latinx multimedia artist, life-long student, and designer, their praxis (theory + action) lives at the intersections of critical geography, black liberation ecologies and creative placemaking. they live by the call that "black wellness is the antithesis of state violence" (Mark Anthony Johnson)." 

Velez's work is the embodiment of healing, justice, community, and anti-police brutality.
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In our latest published essay (linked in the pink box above and here), fēnix grace advocates for recognition and acknowledgement of ALL bodies when discussing reproductive health, particularly Non-Binary, Queer, Trans, Gender Non-Conforming, Gender-Creative folx. grace writes, "We imagine ourselves in ways that other people won’t allow themselves to. We experience our bodies in ways that other people do not. We have so much to teach, to give, to offer. We deserve respect, space, and autonomy."

Unfortunately, it's all too common for the conversations around reproductive health to surround and center cis white womxn's bodies. But cis white womxn are not the only ones who bleed/have the ability to reproduce. Grace's timely and important words give space to the broader scope of experience for folx who bleed.

If you have any inclination/drive/passion to join our team in any capacity, we would love to hear from you! Send a brief letter describing a bit about yourself, why you want to collaborate with us, what you plan to contribute, and what you would like to get out of this exchange! More information about what we are looking for in a co-conspirator can be found here.

#StopGlorifyingJohnMuir swag fundraiser is on! Choose from tees, tanks, long-sleeve shirts, v-necks, baseball tees, and sweatshirts!

If we need to re-think our heroes, what else do we need to re-think? We all exist on stolen land. Inform yourself about the land you are on and advocate for Indigenous presence, influence, representation, and rights in your sphere of influence. Follow @indigenouswomenhike @joewhittlephotography @indigenousrising @nativein_la @nativeapprops @amrpodcast

Questions to consider: How are our organizations set-up? How can we get rid of hierarchy, which is a product of white supremacy? What about the pace of how we do work --- sense of urgency is a characteristic of white supremacy. What about how we treat each other? Are we caring and making room for mental health days? Does our organization's impact create equitable outcomes for all?

We hope these T-shirts will help you start conversations about those we glorify, as well as instigate action against the myriad ways white supremacy shows up in ourselves, our organizations, and social circles.


Communications/Operations/Relationships Navigator

Keithlee (they/them) joined as a co-founder/co-conspirator in May 2019. They are a prison and police abolition advocate, farmer, and transformative justice facilitator. Keithlee is a queer, white, Midwesterner who found their home on Piscataway land four years ago after traveling coast to coast in search of intentional community. They live with chosen queer family and their dog, Yuba, in a big old farmhouse. They love bouldering and kayaking, and promise to never leave Yuba dog behind.

A note from Keithlee: "I’m inspired by the ambitious vision of Terra Incognita and am excited to contribute to expanding the scope and reach of this incredible work...I see this as a real opportunity to shift power, disrupt common and harmful narratives, and weave connections between people and communities. 

I'm also excited to co-create something meaningful - to share responsibility for establishing Terra Incognita Media as an accessible and reliable source for feminist analysis. I deeply understand the complexity of how identity, oppression, history, and culture entwine and impact power dynamics on an interpersonal, organizational, and communal level. I base my work in the reality of these dynamics, while helping to create opportunities for different outcomes by centering consent, transparent negotiation, and ceding power and resources.

This means that I strive to move beyond inclusion in work places, media, and social movements; and aim instead to dismantle the systems and structures of exclusion. I look forward to bringing this approach to the collective strategizing, brainstorming, community-building, and skills sharing of this position.

I'm excited to put values into practice -- centering anti-racism, feminism, disability justice, and equity through vulnerable and powerful content creation and management."

We are BEYOND THRILLED to welcome Keithlee's presence, energy, experience, and leadership to the team!

Call for submissions for the Terra Zine. The theme is ETHEREAL. More info and details are coming! For now, check out our general guidelines. Submit your art, photography, writing, poetry, photo-journalism, etc!

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Please keep the comments, likes, shares, and subscribes coming! Share with your friends, family, and the youth! Your support truly means the world to us.

We are dedicated to delivering fierce, feminist media no matter what ---


Erin Monahan
Co-Conspirator, Terra Incognita Media
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