How to Craft the Perfect Travel Blog Post
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How to Craft the Perfect Travel Blog Post


Skyrocket your Travel Blog

Are you into traveling? But your statistics and traffic are lazy cats that don’t like to travel so much and fail to meet your expectations?

Did you start your own personal blog last year? Willing to share your memories and experiences from all your trips, you thought that you were ready to shine and rule the World of Travel Blogging. But, it seems like it can take for ages to attract people’s attention to your Travel Blog. You think that you are doing everything right, but still, you get next to zero followers and low sharing actions. Do you wanna know why?


Travel blogging aim is to focus on the concept of traveling. It is not about you but about Travel Storytelling.


Travel Blogs are not Memory Books

When you first read about having a personal voice inside your Travel Blog, didn’t really mean to share your personal memory book with the public. Travel blogging aim is to focus on the concept of traveling. It is not about you but about Travel Storytelling. So try to write and present more about:

  • the travel destination
  • the traveling process
  • info about the location
  • info about the how to reach
  • talk about the people
  • how to deal with common issues
  • give ideas on how to spend time
  • where and what to eat
  • what kind of outfits may need
  • weather info
  • essential behavior guidelines
  • some language tips
  • cost of everyday life
  • emergency stations
  • suggest solutions
  • connection in local groups or activities
  • and all extra info about little know secrets

Personal involvement in travel blogging content should be present as little as possible. Think of yourself as the element of salt. Add a little bit of salt, just enough to make it tasteful and enjoyable, but not too much to destroy it. Get to know the balance of this game! Continue reading...


Catching Headlines is Half the Story

Headlines are the entrance door to your blog

Choose witty and interesting headlines, with a solid idea of what to expect in your content. If someone has made a query at Google search machine: “Trip to Greece” and your headline declares “How to Enjoy your Trip to Greece” it’s most likely to pop up as an organic (not paid) result, even at the first four Google pages.

But, to keep the visitor and the Google machine satisfied you should apply these four essential rules:

  1. Be focus and relevant to the headline-topic
  2. State the facts and useful information
  3. Use original and professional photos and videos
  4. Apply all SEO best practices
If visitors spend on your website more time 
after a specific query, 
is an evidence that your website is trustworthy. 
That will make Google love your blog
and will show it to new visitors.

If your travel storytelling adopts all the above you will see your Google quality score to rise and after some time you will taste the warm feeling of success. Continue reading...

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