Welcome December

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Celebrate the joy of Christmas


Celebrate Christmas with your beloved ones.
Gather with your family or invite your friends to the house
and have the time of your life.

When there is love in the room, there is magic!



Happy and joyful people lead a happy professional life. And Digital Marketers are no exceptions. The truth is that digital marketing fellows have a certain mentality about life… you see we are not easily impressed by what is hot or trendy. We know how ephemeral all are!

By default, deep technological marketers like those who tend to focus in programming or deep code or SEO (like me), most of the times are private people. They love their family, they adore music and their friends but they value their privacy more than anything.

If they invite you to their nest, make sure that you are respecting one major rule. Their privacy. Don’t post anything into your social media accounts without asking their permission. Some people just wish to keep their life private!

In case you have received a notice that a photographer will be available to capture the Christmas celebrations, then – again – don’t pick up your mobile to take photos, unless there is a green light to post in social media in real time.

Nowadays, we are under “social media craziness” and we tend to forget our manners. So, when we are in a private friendly event, be kind enough to leave your mobile or computer rest for some hours. After all, true connection happens without wifi.

Enjoy real life!

Areti Vassou

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