Why I never answer Facebook “Did you know” questions

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This is a Facebook World

Why I never answer Facebook “Did you know” questions
and why you shouldn't, too.


Too close too soon

If a person politely greets you in the street most probably you would return the greeting. The common word that is used almost everywhere in the world is “Hello!” or “Hi!” or just a smile.

It’s a simple human reaction for individuals to respond to a positive gesture or behavior by opening up with a short let-us-introduce-ourselves conversation. That includes our name, country or occupation or a line about a specific topic. That’s all right up to this point, don’t you agree?

You are walking down the street and a stranger starts asking you questions like:

  • “How do Mondays make you feel like?”
  • “What is your hidden talent?”
  • “What is the best photo of your pet?”
  • “What is the farthest you’ve been from home…?”
  • “Who is your favorite superhero?”
  • “If you could choose to control fire or water, you would rather control…?”
  • “Which was the happiest moment of your life?”
  • “When was the last time you text an ex by mistake?” etc.


Would you voluntarily answer these so-called icebreaking questions in real life? I asked 150 people in my network with entirely different backgrounds and all of them replied that they would never go near a person with such an invasive behavior. Wait… but they have already! Where? On Facebook!  

Mind the gap

Facebook is open 24/7/365. Always online… and connected with billions of people. And AI Softwares and Machines and Statistics and Profiling… Yeap! Every single second it monitors what you like, what you write, with whom you connect or disconnect, which ads you prefer and which brands you follow. It’s part of the new digital transformation era. Is that all?

Statistics and numbers find a hard time to reveal the emotional criteria that affect the decision-making process of an individual. Emojis were created to bridge the huge gap between emotional factors and cold numbers. When a company knows what makes you sad, angry, happy or surprised will use it to engage your attention in favor of their products salability.

We are not here to avoid the elephant in the room. Companies want to make sales. To whom? To us, of course. With every possible way that exists and is used out there and in here, our deepest corners of our minds: our subconscious. Digital marketing is one of the tools that are used to transform a project (i.e. product, service, brand, name etc) into a must-have-it-now-with-whatever-it-takes value.

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