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VLM: The 1st Trusted Trader of frozen fruits and vegetables

VLM is proud to announce that it is the 1st frozen fruit and vegetable importer to have been chosen for participation in CBP’s Trusted Trader Program which, when coupled with our existing membership in CBP’s Agriculture and Prepared Products Center of Excellence and Expertise, translates into fewer cargo inspections and greater speed to market metrics.

Additionally, VLM is also proud to announce that our Director of Food Safety and Food Defense recently completed the FSPCA Preventive Controls certification thereby adding to our suite of knowledge based services which includes in-house BRC auditing expertise as well as AIB, SQF, Global GAP, and FSSC22000 certification across a range of food safety disciplines.

Food safety Preventive Controls + Trusted Trader = Supply Chain Reliability You Can Count On!

EXTRA! EXTRA! Did you read all about it?

Should you TRUST your Supply Chain?

Today’s modern food system challenges require a new updated approach to supply chain management. The brightest forward thinking leaders are already spotting opportunities for creating greater value for their organizations by mitigating key risks, all while ensuring the same level of integrity. Unexpectedly, the work in this space is being led by a surprising source...

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(Available in various cuts and sizes)

Baby Carrots

Edamame / Mukimame 

Costa Rica



French Fries (various cuts)
Black Olives



A new item that has been gaining popularity from white table cloth dining to the home cook.   

A Great time saving advantage, these Brussels sprouts are pre-grilled for quick easy prep. They are packed with vitamins and minerals, have almost no calories, no fat, no cholesterol, and they even fill you up. 

Country of Origin: Belgium

Harvest: Contracting conversations starting NOW for the new season harvest November-December

Packaging: Retail, cartons or totes

Description: The quick frozen Brussels sprout halves are prepared from clean, healthy Brussels sprouts. During the production process, the Brussels sprouts  are washed and trimmed. Afterwards, they are size-graded to obtain a size > 28 mm. They are cut into halves, grilled and quick frozen.

Did you know? 

The top of a pineapple, after cleaning and drying, can be planted in soil and a new plant will grow.

It takes an average of 15 months to produce one pineapple.

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