Photo Credit: Sean Brogan
Dear <<First Name>>,
Tiki is a joyful and mischievous young chimp, which amazes me when I consider the condition he was in when Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue, a PASA member in Cameroon, found him.
Little Tiki was held illegally as a pet in the biggest city in Cameroon. For most of his life, this baby chimp was starving and abused. 
I’m so grateful that with the help of local authorities, Sanaga-Yong staff were able to rescue him and bring him to their sanctuary. Under their care, Tiki will never starve again. I was so happy to hear that Tiki’s zest for life and forest exploration soon began to shine.
But <<First Name>>, Tiki had a terrible accident playing in his forest enclosure. While learning to climb trees, he fell and broke his leg.
I'll help Tiki walk again
Click here to watch Tiki's story!
Tiki’s injuries have been much worse than any of us could have predicted. So far, he had two surgeries performed by a human orthopedic surgeon, and he now has a bone infection which Sanaga-Yong’s veterinary staff are working diligently to control. 
It breaks my heart to see that this vivacious chimp who already overcame so much cruelty is now struggling to recover from these injuries.
Give $20 to help Tiki heal

A Future for Tiki

Before his fall, Tiki was learning all about life in the forest. His dedicated caregiver puts a colorful blanket on the forest floor which butterflies are drawn to. Tiki loves to chase them, diving into them and laughing out loud as they flutter away.
Photo Credit: Sean Brogan
Tiki explores with his caregiver.
If Tiki is going to recover, he desperately needs your support to receive essential antibiotics and medical treatment.
Don’t let him endure another minute. You can give Tiki a future full of bright forests, a chimpanzee family, and butterfly adventures.
  • Donate just $20 to buy nutritious food for Tiki while he recovers
  • Give $50 for Tiki’s critically needed medications
  • For $100, you will make it possible for expert vets to give Tiki the care he needs
There isn't a moment to lose.
Gregg Tully
Executive Director
Pan African Sanctuary Alliance

P.S. Would you let him suffer any longer than necessary? Tiki needs you now! You can give him a future full of hope.
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