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November 2017 Newsletter

This month’s theme has been “going above and beyond”. We do that in our personal lives, in our professional lives, with co-workers, with clients, and sometimes, with ourselves. As with nearly everything we do, the common component essential to success involves intentionality. Taking the time pause, reflect, evaluate, and (sometimes) change course is a very important part of making change. As we enter this season of reflection-based holidays, we invite you to take time, take stock, and be intentional. Happy November!

What is LeadQuine? 

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Trying new things is an important part of life. Think about all the foods you adamantly refused to eat as a child, but now may be among your favorites. Or how an experience you had yet to have may have terrified you, but once you were (possibly) forced to try it, you found you actually really enjoyed it.

So why not take the same approach when it comes to seeking out leadership development and team strengthening opportunities for your team?

There are a ton of choices out there in the field, and sometimes companies tell us they have a hard time discerning who is legit, or what their team will enjoy, and so they end up making the “safe” choices.


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LeadQuine strives to add value to your professional life through articles, ideas, and challenges shared to provoke reflection and behavior change. We go for the unconventional around here–from offering non-traditional workshop experiences unlike anything you’ve experienced before, to being a non-traditional blended family running this whole operation, we like “different”.

So along those lines, this week’s post is non-traditional, too.

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There’s been a lot of talk in recent years about what really matters most to customers or clients. Regardless of your industry, many businesses find themselves competing not just on price, but on value provided to the client. This often comes in the form of service.

There are a million ways to go out of your way for others, be it a customer (internal or external), or a co-worker. Rather than telling you specific ways to go above and beyond, we’d like to give you a tool to help you evaluate where you want to put your energy. If you decide for yourself where you can have the most impact, you’re more likely to follow through and do it.

We’ve taken clients through this process because sometimes it’s easier to have an outside perspective when you’re trying to see through the weeds of your own situation. So you may find it helpful to ask someone to do this exercise with you.

  1. To begin, think about a specific person—maybe a client or customer, maybe a co-worker, maybe a prospect. The more you can describe this person in detail, the more accurate your assessment will be in the steps that follow.
  2. How does that person interact with you? Take a piece of paper, or whiteboard, or flip chart, or cocktail napkin, and literally chart out every touch point you have with that person. Start at the beginning, and work your way through the entire process with them. If it’s a customer, start with the moment they became a customer. What was that touch point—a contract? An agreement? Payment? From there, walk yourself through the life cycle of interactions with them, charting each one.

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