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Summer is in full swing, and the first cutting of hay has come off the fields, including ours! The horses are out grazing on the grass, the “kids” are growing and bouncing all around, and we are breaking ground on our outdoor arena space. Watch for pictures of our progress and upcoming workshops open for individual enrollment on our website, social media pages, and here! This month, we focused attention on the little ways we can unintentionally undermine our workplace culture, and what to do about it. Nuance and subtle change is the language our herd often uses to communicate, and it got us thinking about how our human “herds” use it, too. Plan your trip to the Wicked Walnut Farm, home of LeadQuine, and let our herd show yours a few things about themselves. Happy June!


Activity Overview: Activity Overview: Ball & Spoon
What does one of our activities look like? Check out another one to see a glimpse of what participants experience. This activity is called "Ball & Spoon", and it challenges teams to support one another, problem solve, and work together under pressure. Take a look!



Joe and Bill are part of a small management team reporting to the president and CEO of their company, Mike. Mike is a little unpredictable when it comes to his moods. He’s brilliant and known for making the company what it is today, but like many top leaders with a track record of success in a company, there is a dark side to him as well. Some days, he’s relaxed, approachable, and seems genuinely open to considering others’ ideas. Other days, without warning, he’s vicious in his attacks, unreasonable in his demands, and micro-manages at a level completely inappropriate for a company executive.

Joe and Bill struggle to balance pushing their teams to perform at their best against the demands and unpredictability of their boss. They both often feel ruthlessly attacked for no good reason, and have their leadership and management of their teams insulted and inappropriately judged. Working for Mike is quickly turning into a nightmare, and they are both fed up.

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Daisy, Glory, Maggie, Lily, Frank and Tessa are all part of the same team. Before Frank came along, Lily was the leader of this team. She managed everyone pretty well, using a firmer hand than was always necessary, but definitely getting the job done. She was transferred to a new team temporarily. Tessa, sensing a leadership vacuum when Lily moved, tried to step up to the plate. Daisy, Glory and Maggie were accepting of her leadership to some degree, but mostly just ignored her. After a few days, Frank came on board. He was not given a leadership position, and was more interested in being playful with his colleagues than in leading them at first. When Frank showed up, Tessa became much more assertive in her leadership, being extra heavy-handed with playful Frank. The other members of the team just tried to stay out of the way.

After a couple of weeks, Lily returned to her team only to find that now, her position as leader was challenged on two fronts.

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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” goes the old saying. Made famous by Benjamin Franklin in 1735, he was talking about fire prevention. Well, we aren’t in the business of actual fire prevention here at LeadQuine, but certainly in the proverbial sense, we are all about it.

It’s a little alarming how often we hear people in workplace teams say, “Well, let’s see how this plays out first before we react/step in/do something ‘drastic’.” Before anyone knows it, they are dealing with a situation which has gotten out of hand, and could have easily been prevented had there been some simple up-front agreements or clarifications.

Up-front agreements are very simple. 

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