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TCO15 Indonesia Flashback

Happy Friday everyone!

So last weeks "Rapid UX" for GE Transportation turned out great! With two BIG wins in a row... eriantoongko took 1st Place!

Top 5 GET Rapid UX Placements
1) $1,700 = eriantoongko
2) $850 = Ravijune
3) $350 = andrino
4) $200 = chekspir
5) $100 = iamtong

New Design Challenges
This week Fujitsu is continuing their Topcoder Design journey and looking for your ideas and concepts on updating their corporate design guidelines - make sure to check it out!

Wedding Surprise!
We also have a very special surprise for the best Journey singer I know... tototpc 

Congratulations on your wedding Raymar and Jeng!

Everyone have a great weekend!

Remember, be Bold or Italic. Never Regular!

- adroc

This Weeks Challenges
Fujitsu - Project Management Application Design Challenge 2
TCO17 Eligible Challenge!
Rolling Checkpoint Due: March 3, 2017 03:25 EST
Prizes: 1) $1,300 2) $650 3) $150
5 Checkpoints @ $100
TCO Regional Event
TCO Updates
There were so many amazing TCO17 announcements this week! New sponsor, Regional events, New Trip winning opportunities, and more! Please check out this blog post for all the news.
TCO Yogyakarta
TCO17 Indonesia
Indonesia Regional Design Event!
Announcing the TCO17 Indonesia Regional Design Event! We are very excited to bring TCO back to beautiful Indonesia for a two-day event focused on all things design! The event will be August 12-13, 2017 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I will be back with more rapid design challenges, workshops and more prizes and surprises! Everyone get ready! More details coming soon.

Check out the video from last year’s amazing event!  

Remember, Stage 3 has begun so be sure to look out for all the TCO17 eligible challenges.
Topcoder Design Tips
The Importance of a MarvelApp Presentation
As many of you have already noticed, we are now requesting all designers to provide a MarvelApp presentation as part of your design submission. This is an amazing way for you to showcase and “sell” your designs and concepts to customers. That is why I would like you to give you some tips for using this great tool: 

1) Request your MarvelApp Project within the challenge forums: Do this with enough time in advance. Try to avoid last minute request. As you can create your own MarvelApp presentations with a personal account, we prefer to have all prototypes under Topcoder's account, so everything will be more organized for the customer. Only request if you are planning to submit because it does take time to create.

2) Never change the MarvelApp project name: The projects has been organized following a code name criteria. So if you get a prototype with a name like “TCO Fun Challenge - 001”, don’t change this to “[Handled] Checkpoint Submission”.

3) Upload your files to the correct MarvelApp Project: On some challenges, both Desktop and Mobile screens are requested, so you will receive 2 MarvelApp projects like “Challenge name Desktop - 001” and “Challenge name Mobile - 001”. Those projects are set up to display images in a certain resolution. So if you upload a Desktop view in a mobile prototype it will not look correct.

4) Add Hotspots or Actions to your presentation: The power of this tool is the ability to add Hotspots like “click”, “hover” and “transitions”. Adding this to your presentation will help the customer understand your vision. It provides a more realistic view of the user interaction and clients will get a better view and feel of what you are proposing. This does not take up a lot of time (keep it simple!) 

5) Always share your prototype link: You must share your link as part of your submission. In the top right of your MarvelApp project, you will see a yellow "share" button. Please provide that share URL as part of your submission. Many designers are forgetting to do this. To provide designers with as much time as possible many customer meetings are scheduled just hours after a checkpoint submission phase ends. Saving time is important! Make sure to share your link!

You can take a look to this video of how to use MarvelApp and create prototype presentations.

by chekspir
Member Homesnaps
Seine River - by mahestro
One of my favourite things about Paris is the Seine river. I’ve built lots of fun memories around this river that include running/rolling over it inside inflatable balloons, breaking into a private VIP boat party by mistake at the same time being confused by an artist, and building cool friendships in summer (they make an artificial "beach" out of the shore), and who doesn’t love a beach? This was the first time I mounted a zeppelin, which allowed me to be freaked out as hell but a good piece of sight that I will always treasure. I could observe the peaceful side of a vivid city at the same time as the charming architecture, simply lovely.
Seine River
A word from gh3ablo...
Practice make the master...
I believe the designer should look as good as his/her designs. Even with those tight deadlines, spare a little time to stand and stretch - or maybe do a few exercises. If you get serious enough, there's a chance you'll get ripped by the next TCO onsite finals. :P

The Yoke!
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