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Welcome to February everyone and our TCO17 "Flood of Love"! All challenges between now and February 14th will be TCO17 eligible (plus some fun challenges with cash prizes and t-shirts). Make sure to read below for details!

Design challenges are low this weekend but we do have a great (high-prized) one running right now to help customers understand (and visualize) cloud storage security - check it out as the checkpoint is Monday.

RUX6 (Rapid User Experience)
RUX6 is planned for February 15-18th! I will be heading to Austin Texas to help review, discuss and showcase your RUX concepts! I am also currently planning RUX7 and RUX8! If you have questions about RUX challenges and rapid design... join the Topcoder Slack Channel and let's discuss.

Remember, not all design challenge have TCO points so make sure to grab them while you can!

New Newsletter Content
We are introducing new Design Newsletter content this week! I would like to say Thank you to DaraK, chekspir and gh3ablo for providing some great content as we look to offer new things each week such as: "a word from gh3ablo", Design News & Tips, "TC Policy News", "Challenge of the Week" etc. More on the way!

Remember, be Bold or Italic. Never Regular!

- adroc

Topcoder Design Challenges
New Design & UI Prototype Challenges

Cloud Storage Security Visualization Application Design Challenge
TCO17 Eligible Challenge!
Amazing Opportunity! Feedback provided by adroc
Checkpoint Due: Feb 6, 2017 10:00 EST
Prizes: 1) $1,700 2) $850 3) $300
5 Checkpoints @ $100​

Talent Acquisition Candidate Portal Responsive Design Challenge​
TCO17 Eligible Challenge!
Checkpoint Due: Feb 6, 2017 06:00 EST
Prizes: 1) $1,300 2) $650 3) $150
5 Checkpoints @ $100​​

Flood of Love Fun eCard Design Challenge
TCO17 Eligible Challenge! 
Single Round: Feb 10, 2017 08:00 EST
Prizes: 1) $250

RUX #6 is scheduled for February 15-18th
I am headed to Austin Texas to host this amazing RUX challenge. Plan now!

Times are currently tentative:
Start: Wednesday 2/15 @10AM EST
Rolling Checkpoint: Friday 2/17 @10AM EST
Final: Saturday 2/18 @10AM EST

TCO17 Flood of Love
TCO17 Flood of Love Valentine's Day
Happy February! We are excited to bring you a Flood of Love this month. You may be asking, what kind of love are we flooding you with? 
  1. TCO17 points for all challenges through February 14!
  2. Two Fun challenges with a cash prize and t-shirts: Trolls inspired Valentine’s Day eCard Challenge and Topcoder Valentine’s Day Mad Libs Challenge
  3. T-shirts for all the room winners for the SRM on February 9th.
  4. Live broadcast with Topcoder Admins on Valentine’s Day! Be sure to read here to get all the info.
TC Policy News
Support Tickets through the Help Center
Did you know you can create and request Topcoder Support not only by emailing but also by going to the Topcoder Help Center? To navigate to the Help Center you first scroll down to the website footer and click the Help Center link. Once you are in the Help Center click on the top right “Submit a request” option or simply use this link.

When using the "Submit a request" process you can also help support by letting them know the priority of your request. 
Topcoder Design Tips
Reducing Submission File Size
Everyone likes to upload at the last minute... so what might help your uploads go faster? Smaller file sizes!

By reducing the size of your graphic files you will have less to upload and hopefully less stress.

The best method to reduce the PNGs/JPGs size is to use the Save for Web option, which basically optimizes the file size as much as possible while still retaining acceptable image quality.

There are parameters to play around with, but it is worth using it, as it will drastically reduce your size from 4-5 MB to less than 200 KB. Bye Bye big submission files! 

Remember to take a look at the #tips-and-tricks channel on Topcoder Slack.
A word from gh3ablo...
"... I didn't win the checkpoint round"
So… you didn’t win the Checkpoint Round - should you even bother joining the final round? I say, if you have the time, why not? Make it an opportunity to learn, try out new things - heck, go crazy! 

You never know, winning it could just be a little push ahead. :) 

Join Topcoder Slack
Topcoder Slack Channel

Yes (if you scrolled this far) you are reading that correctly... We now have one Topcoder Community Slack! Everything has been merged into the Studio Slack Channel. If you are not on the Topcoder Community Slack yet please email us ( or ( with the subject title "Slack" and in the body please provide your Topcoder handle. We will make sure to get an invite out to you!

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