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Jun 23, 17:00 EST
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Jun 26, 12:30 EST
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We are more than halfway through the final online stage of TCO18! Best of luck these last few weeks!

TCO18 India was announced this week and tickets sold out fast! Learn about the even and get on the waitlist here.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be launching registration for our Argentina & Indonesia events so stay tuned! We also have a TCO18 Finals announcement very soon. We can’t wait to share the news!

What’s coming up?

TCO18 Marathon Match Round 3 is July 11, 2018.

TCO18 Algorithm Round 2C takes place June 26, 2018 and Round 3A is July 7, 2018. All the details are on the TCO18 site.
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Shining Stars This Week
Congratulations to egislr for being the 1st place winner in the Project Activity World Map Design Concept Challenge.  This design was chosen for it's intuitive timeline/activity map visualization, which was at the core of this concept exploration.
As far as the UI is concerned, it has a clean look and a great layout which makes for excellent readability.  Great job!

by High-Def

This new section is about showcasing tips from designers on how to design specific elements as easy and fast as possible.

How to create a donut graph?
by DaraK

The method I use for creating a donut graph is:
1. Draw a circle, without any fill color
2. Add a wide stroke (this will be the width of the graph)
3. Go to Stroke Properties or Border Color (depending on the program you work in) and add a Gradient color in Angle mode.
4. Set all the gradient colors in the proportions you wish to represent (50%, 30%, etc.)

How do you design a donut graph @riopurba? If you’re using the same method, feel free to show another quick design tip.

Topcoder Story
We’re starting a story with Topcoders by the designers. Every week one member adds a sentence and by the end of the year, we’ll have a complete and hopefully fun story. The purpose of it, it’s to brighten up your day a little :)

"One sunny day, in the park, Yoki sits quietly on a bench, tinkering with what seems to be some sort of mobile application design, he had a sad look on his face."

Date Created: June 20, 2018
Added by:       gh3ablo
To Append:    Ravijune
Artist of the Week
This section is about other artists around the world which can be an inspiration to us. Designers, painters, musicians from present or past. Brought to you by ToxicPixel.

Henri Matisse
1869 - 1954

Later in his life, severely ill and unable to stand or paint with a brush unassisted. The "Wild Beast" picked up some scissors and changed Art and Design, forever.

"Drawing with scissors: To cut to the quick in color reminds me of the direct cutting of sculptors."

Art Keywords: Fauvism, Fauves
Design Keywords: Papier découpé, decoupage, Cut Outs
Masterpieces: Green Stripe, The Dance , Blue Nude II (series), The Snail

By ToxicPixel
Designer Poster
Did you ever wanted to be a superhero character with your Topcoder friends? You can be in this section!  We’re going to make a super poster with the community designers.

1. Each designer will add his own head to another superhero body.
2. A designer can change as much as he wants the previous characters and even add comments.
3. The format is in PSD and no merging layers are allowed, so we can all further edit.

Starting this week: DaraK in Supergirl’s body.
Challenging next: oninkxronda
Happy Thoughts
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