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Hello everyone, we have some great news.

We made a pilot for a gorgeous new music series called Greyt Outdoor Concerts, live now on our Youtube channel. Please enjoy the concert featuring Cassidy King, like and subscribe, it will help us so much to continue this series! Additionally, find a brand new CreativeMornings Cleveland talk featuring Endurance athlete Katie Spotz, also live now.

Until we can be together again for concerts and inspiring talks over breakfast and coffee, this is how we’re working to bring you these things we love. The full story and links to the media below.

A very Happy Holidays to you all!


Thomas Fox

Greyt Culture - Host & Organizer, CreativeMornings Cleveland

Greyt Culture Explores the Outdoors and More with New Video Series.

CLEVELAND, Ohio (December 23, 2020) The next chapter has begun for the creative cultural programming organization that founded the CreativeMornings Cleveland event series in 2014 and Agumboot Music Festival in 2016. These independent events and media aimed at connecting artists and creative entrepreneurs coalesced under the Greyt Culture banner just over a year ago, with a  full calendar of live events slated into 2020. Now after nine months of a global pandemic, new programs are emerging once again, this time as beautifully executed video series on Youtube: CreativeMornings Cleveland and Greyt Outdoor Concerts

The two programs are very different. The first is the return of CreativeMornings Cleveland which was once a live event, and then virtual event series is now back online in video format featuring inspirational creators in every swath of industry imaginable. This first CreativeMornings in the relaunch features endurance athlete Katie Spotz, who is famous for rowing across the Atlantic Ocean to raise money for clean water charities. After 6 years CreativeMornigns has featured over 70 talks with many of the most prominent creative leaders in Cleveland and connected thousands of individuals with partners, resources, and connections to make new dreams and ideas a reality in the region. 

The second program was inspired directly by the pandemic, a concert series filmed with no audience in epic natural landscapes. Greyt Outdoor Concerts are a visually and sonically breath-taking platform for artists to share music in venues untouched by human hands. While the series is showcasing artists, it's also bringing attention to organizations that preserve public lands and make these important spaces exist for our common use and mental health. The pilot episode was shot in the Grand River Valley in partnership with the Western Reserve Land Conservancy, which has a long history of preservation and conservation efforts in Ohio. WRLC is often an unsung and important collaborator in the creation of the "emerald necklace" the public parks woven throughout the Cleveland area.

The star of the Greyt Outdoor Concerts was intended to be the landscapes themselves, but Cleveland native songwriter Cassidy King shines in a captivating performance of bedroom-indie pop next to the flood rushing waters of the Grand River. Her single "Professional Smiler" was the second song of a 4 song set, repeating a chorus of familiar words for everyone "it's hard sometimes." The concert represents what many are calling for in this moment, entertainment that is simple, easy, and honest. 

Plans for the Greyt Outdoor Concert series include traveling to film in public lands across America and featuring alternative virtual reality 360° insertion point versions of each concert, allowing audiences to drop into the preserved wildlands that we are lucky to have saved for public use. 

The projects can be followed to see new episodes in 2021 by subscribing to the Youtube channel, or the mailing list at 


GREYT CULTURE: (formerly A music, media, and event production company promoting arts, entrepreneurship and creative culture.


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