Next CreativeMornings CLE is Friday, Jan 17th at RED SPACE. 


CreativeMornings CLE is this Friday at RED SPACE. Join us for a coffee with special guest speaker Patricia Princehouse, Associate Director of the Institute for the Science of Origins (ISO), and Director of CWRU’s Program in Evolutionary Biology.

Registration is free but limited so please only register if you plan to attend. In addition to the short talk, free coffee and a light breakfast will be provided courtesy of our partners.→ Register here!


Friday,  January 17th

2400 Superior Ave. E
Cleveland, Ohio 

CreativeMornings / Cleveland is one of 206 independently organized, volunteer-run chapters of the on-going "breakfast lecture series". Each talk is captured on video and made available through  

January's Speaker:
Patricia Princehouse

Dr Princehouse is Associate Director of the Institute for the Science of Origins (ISO), and Director of CWRU’s Program in Evolutionary Biology. A native of Ohio, Dr Princehouse earned her Bachelor’s from Kent State, her Masters from Yale, and PhD from Harvard, where she worked with Stephen Jay Gould and Richard Lewontin. Her primary interest is the evolution of apes and humans, and she does fieldwork in paleoanthropology with the Turkana Basin Institute in Kenya... Learn more about Patricia

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