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Dear CreativeMornings and Cleveland Creative Community, 

Each month we organize live events to encourage real, genuine connection between aspiring and talented people living and working here in Cleveland. We do this because each of our efforts and ideas is extremely limited in isolation. To learn, achieve, and grow to our full potential, we need each other - it's that simple. 

By this time you all know, drastic change to our collective daily lives is essential in our current global health crisis. For the safety of the community, all in-person CreativeMornings events and gatherings have been canceled until further notice.

However, among the myriad of challenges that we face in the days and months ahead, fighting isolation and loneliness while being physically isolated is of extreme importance. In the past, I've had disdain for the internet's enabling our society to experience being "alone together"... but today I'll take the word together almost any way I can fit it into a sentence. 

We have no experience in hosting a virtual conference, things are certain to go wrong, but that's never stopped us from trying something new before. So, we have a few things planned, and the first-ever VIRTUAL CreativeMornings CLE is this Friday.

I hope you'll join us. Registration is free and it's unlimited → Register here!

Thomas Fox 
Host, CreativeMornings Cleveland 

Producer, North Water Productions

Friday,  March 20h

(Web Conference - Registered Guests Will Recieve Zoom Event Link)

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March's Speaker:
Daniel Ortiz

outreach director of Policy Matters Ohio will share his story about what informs identity: the individual, political and statistical aspects, as well as the art that celebrates that complexity as our community prepares to answer questions for the 2020 Census

... Learn more about Daniel

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