Friday Aug 21st Virtual Event Ft. Eliza Wing
  organized by GREYT CULTURE


This month’s CreativeMornings in Cleveland will be a little bit different; often said, and often meant. The global community was asked by our friends in Warsaw to speak with each other about STRESS. A familiar demon for artists and entrepreneurs that is well fed by even the most simple daily life during a pandemic.

Our guest speaker is well accomplished in the realms of art and business. Through-out her career Eliza Wing has been a writer for Rolling Stone magazine, President and CEO of, and currently serves as the director of communications for Cuyahoga County. Stress finds us when we accomplish our professional and personal goals, and in her journey, Eliza has developed a practice for mindfulness and meditation to balance a hungry appetite for success. 

“Stress is a normal part of life. There's no getting around it. But there are ways to get through it -- maybe even welcome it.”  Learn about Eliza Wing, and register to hear her speak on CreativeMornings for free→

This event will take place over a zoom teleconference, broadcast from BayArts’ back lawn in Bay Village (Huntington Beach Reservation). As a virtual event, there is no seating or live event accommodations of any kind, but the park is open to the public where the presentation will be given. Please respect social-distance and public health guidelines. To attend via zoom, Registered participants will receive a link to join CreativeMornings the morning of Friday, August 21st.  Please register at if you would like to receive the entrance link.


Eliza Wing

Friday, August 21st

Our Warsaw chapter chose this month’s exploration of Stress and Shanee Benjamin illustrated the theme.


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