Friday May 15th, Virtual Event Ft. Randell McShepard
  organized by GREYT CULTURE

Let's Take a Walk. 

Our friends in Salt Lake City asked the world to go outside this month. The theme NATURE was selected for our global community well over a year ago, and we couldn’t feel more excited about the timing. While we plan to host this month's event at a distance, we will be streaming from outdoors, and we'd encourage you to download the zoom app on your phone and log in from your nearest natural space as well. 

Each month we invite an inspiring person living, working, or connected to the patch of earth we call Cleveland to share their thoughts on the month's theme. NATURE should be easy since an early nickname of Cleveland was “the forest city” for its parks and nature preserve surrounding the industrial development of civilization in the early 20th century. The natural infrastructure is still known by many today as the emerald necklace. The fancy name has real merit, but it’s not the whole story.

In many parts of our city, natural spaces were viewed as disposable and filled with unwanted debris, waste from our daily life. At the same time, inner-city neighborhoods that were filled with trash found natural foods increasingly scarce, which impacted length and quality of life for residents. In 2011 Randy McShepard, with life-long friends Damien Forshe and Keymah Durden, took control of an unofficial dumpsite in their childhood home Kinsman neighborhood. Together they turned the trash heap into one of the most fertile urban farms in the country and created a reliable local source of fresh foods to nurture future generations. Learn more about Randy and register to hear him speak on CreativeMornings, free →

This event will take place over a zoom teleconference. Registered participants will receive an event link to join CreativeMornings the morning of Friday May 15th. Please register at if you would like to receive the entrance link.


Randell McShepard

Friday, May 15th

Our Salt Lake City chapter chose this month’s exploration of Nature, David Habben illustrated it, and it’s presented globally by


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