CreativeMornings Great Lakes is Friday, October 23rd!
Organized by GREYT CULTURE


Together with our fellow CreativeMornings chapters across the Great Lakes we are hosting a collaborative event with Buffalo, Chicago, Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Toronto. It will be an exploration of creativity as it relates to October’s global theme of Transit.

This Friday, October 23rd, we will all gather together on Zoom to hear inspirational talks by Jennifer Keesmaat, Chris Bobko, and Ernie Adams, as well as other features from creative people across the Great Lakes region. 

Registration is free but limited so please only register if you plan to attend.→ Register here!


Friday,  October 23rd
9:00-10:30am ET

CreativeMornings / Cleveland is one of 206 independently organized, volunteer-run chapters of the on-going "breakfast lecture series". Each talk is captured on video and made available through  

Jennifer Keesmaat

is committed to creating places where people flourish. Having poured her coherent, comprehensive, and collaborative approach into cities throughout North America – and doing the same in her role as the Chief Planner for the City of Toronto – she speaks with passion on her belief that now is the time to engage in city-building and take ownership of our shared future

... Learn more about Jennifer

Julio Montalvo Valentin

is the author of three chapbooks, with the latest being Those Who Pray to Rice (NightBallet Press, 2019). Julio was a guest editor for Mutata Re, Plurality Press, Portrait, Coffin Bell Journal, and co-founder of the late Cringe-Worthy Poets Collective. Their work has been published in Thimble Literary Magazine, Cavity, Bangor Literary Journal, and Aisthesis: The Interdisciplinary Honors Journal and more. Their work has been anthologized in Boricua en la Luna: An Anthology of Puerto Rican Voices, A Flash of Dark, Mansion, My Next Heart: New Buffalo Poetry, and the forthcoming Silkworm Anthology Volume 13... Learn more about Julio

Jan & Greg Thompson

of The Human-Kind Quest adventure through sight and sound, people and culture, art and nature, music and noise, food and nutrition, vistas and emotions. Together, they are on a quest to break down old patterns and learn new things, seeking to sharpen the mind and spirit while inspiring their community

... Learn more about Jan & Greg

Guillermo Sotelo

aka “ASMA SPEEKS” is a Grand Rapids native who has spent the last decade and change turning his passion for graffiti and art into elements of vibrant self expression and community. A founding member of Element 7, the team that developed and executed the #WindowsGR project, Guillermo found a higher purpose for his art aside from just writing his name everywhere. With this newly formed powerhouse of creatives he’s learned that his form of art, his form of SPEEKING, can impact and catalyze change.

... Learn more about Guillermo

Chris Bobko

Ph.D., Head of Engineering Integration, oversees research, development, and engineering teams at Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. After completing his doctorate at MIT, Chris was a professor at North Carolina State University, where he gained significant experimental and analytical experience in mechanics of materials for civil engineering applications. As a professor, he joined HyperloopTT as a contributor before shifting his focus full-time to bring life to this new mode of transportation.

... Learn more about Chris

Ernie Adams

Drummer Ernie Adams has been in “transit” to 48 different countries for over three decades. He is on tour six- to eight-months of the year with legendary, Grammy-winning music artists and also helps students transition into being professional musicians themselves. He has always found a creative way to keep his passion for music moving ahead as a career while helping students come together and transition onto their own paths as well.

... Learn more about Ernie

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