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15 December 2020
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Table of Contents
  1. ALC Class of 2020
  2. Shout out to ALC Students
  3. ALC Alumni & Faculty Highlights
  4. ALC Spring 2021 Courses
  5. Graduate Student News
  6. Opportunities & Scholarships
  7. Job Posting
  8. Advising Available
ALC Class of 2020
Shout Out to ALC Students
Shout out to Yuzhe Li, who over the summer put together a comprehensive guide to Yan Lianke's novel, Dream of Ding Village, as part of the Great World Texts program. Yuzhe's text–the length of a short book–is aimed at high school teachers and students and is a valuable contribution to the University's engagement with the public humanities. - Anatoly Detwyler, Assistant Professor
Teresa Gortz and Maria Tsoy have been FANTASTIC teachers for my students in 236: patient, supportive, and imaginative. Their slides for section each week, which they take turns creating, always have an opening slide asking students how they feel, and the pictures offered (often Asian gods, ghosts, and monsters) always make me laugh. I have heard repeatedly from the undergrads about how helpful Maria and Teresa have been, too. - Charo D'Etcheverry, Professor
During the most challenging semester I have had in thirteen years of university teaching, the ALC students in the ASIAN 630 capstone on “Communism, Anarchism, and Other Asian Lefts,” were a very inspiring bunch with whom to spend Monday evenings. For two and a half hours each week, we discussed Chinese anarchists, Thai Marxists, Sino-Indonesian revolutionaries, South Korean student activists, Nepali Maoists, and many other daring groups of thinkers and activists who worked to foment political and social transformation over the past century.
Joy Nuelle (Chinese major) brought eloquent and moving reflections to her writing each week. Chandra Bearden (Japanese major) thought in new and compelling ways about the roles of intellectuals, and intellectual work, in pushing forward change.
Dominic Ritacco (Chinese major) combined creative and critical perspectives to push the boundaries in productive ways each week.
Kathryn Denecke (Chinese major) brought sheer clarity to each discussion, challenging all of us with a smartly-inserted question.
Sarah Voelkers (ALC major) thought beyond the text each and every week, and planned a future research project for the post-pandemic times.
Yuyi Kitano Lum (Japanese major) challenged us to imagine a more just and humane world – one urgently needed in these times. Thank you for your dedication and intellectual generosity.
- Tyrell Haberkorn, Professor
ALC Alumni & Faculty Highlights
Lu Lu, our program's graduate (2017 Ph.D. in Chinese Linguistics), just accepted a tenure track assistant professor job offer from Virginia Military Institute. She is currently a visiting assistant professor at Wake Forest University. Lu Lu's success in her application for this position is especially remarkable at this hard time when tenure track openings are rare in the nation.
Congratulations to Professor Hongming Zhang who was awarded on Nov. 20 2020 with the title of Member of the Group of International Chair Professors of the Institute for World Literatures and Cultures of Tsinghua University (there are altogether 4 scholars in this chair professor group with the other three professors from Cornell University, Brown University, and École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in France). Tsinghua University ranks #1 in China and #15 in the world by 2021 QS World University Rankings. 

In addition, Professor Hongming Zhang delivered a virtual keynote speech at "The 2nd Peking University World Chinese Forum" and his speech title was "Some Linguistic Issues on Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language", December 12, 2020.
ALC Spring 2021 Courses

The full Schedule of Classes for spring semester 2021 is now available in Course Search & Enroll (CS&E). View class section details and instructor notes, look carefully at the mode of instruction for courses, place courses in your cart, and continue to prepare for your enrollment appointment.

*New* Modality Filter in CS&E - a new filter has been developed in Course Search & Enroll which allows students to filter by modality. Students can now filter courses by the various modes of instruction: All, In-Person Instruction, Hybrid (In-Person & Online), Online Only (Asynchronous), Online Only (Synchronous), and Online Only (All).

Visit the Spring 2021 Enrollment webpage for more information about preparing for and enrolling in the semester, including answers to common questions.

Contact your academic advisor(s) or faculty advisor(s) with any questions about course selection or enrollment requirements.

Asian Languages and Cultures (ASIAN)

  • 100 Gateway to Asia Special Topics: Passion & Enlightenment (H,E) D'Etcheverry

  • 104 Intro-E Asian History: Japan (H or Z, E) Murthy

  • 236 Asia Enchanted (Com B, H, E) Jones

  • 246 SE Asian Refugees of Cold War (Ethnic Studies, H or Z, E) Cullinane

  • 255 Intro East Asian Civilizations (H or Z, E) Detwyler

  • 268 Tibetan Cultures & Traditions (H, E) Khedup

  • 300 Topics in Asian Studies: Food Ways of Asia (Sophomore standing, H, I) Huntington

  • 301 Social Studies Topics in EAS: Contemporary Korea (Sophomore standing, Z, I) Oh

  • 306 Hinduism (Sophomore standing, H or Z, I) Cerulli

  • 308 Introduction to Buddhism (Sophomore standing, H or Z, I) Hansen

  • 310 Intro to Comics and Graphic Novels (Sophomore standing, H, I) Kern

  • 341 Hist-Modern China,1800-1949 (Sophomore standing, H or Z, I) Kinzley

  • 358 Language in Japanese Society (ASIALANG 104, H, I) Mori

  • 430 Indian Traditions in the Modern Age (Sophomore standing, H, I) Buhnemann

  • 431 Chinese Linguistics I (ASIALANG 202, H, I) H. Zhang

  • 433 Topics-E Asian Visual Cultures: The Two Koreas (Sophomore standing, H, I) H. Kim

  • 458 Hist SE Asia Since 1800 (Junior Standing, Z, I) A. McCoy

  • 460 The History of Yoga (Sophomore standing, I, LAS) Buhnemann

  • 563 Readings in Modern Japanese Literature: Japanese Capstone: Translation (Instructor permission, L, A) Kern

  • 630 Proseminar: Cultures of Asia: Women Make Movies (Junior standing, H, A) H. Kim

  • 642 History of Chinese Lit II (ASIAN 351 or 352, A, LAS) Detwyler
  • 763 Studies in Japanese Literature (Graduate) Kern
  • 775 Japanese Applied Linguistics (Graduate ) (001) Geyer, (002) Mori
  • 833 Topics in East Asian Visual Cultures: The Two Koreas (Graduate) H. Kim

Asian Languages and Cultures: Language (ASIALANG)

  • 102 Second Semester Chinese - T. Zhang
    202 Fourth Semester Chinese - TBC
    302 Sixth Semester Chinese - H. Zhang

  • 104 Second Semester Japanese - Nakakubo
    204 Fourth Semester Japanese - Geyer

  • 106 Second Semester Korean- Ahn
    206 Fourth Semester Korean 
    - Lim
    306 Sixth 
    Semester Korean - Ahn
    406 Eighth Semester Korean - Lim

  • 110 Elementary Chinese I - TBC

  • 113 First Semester Elementary Japanese - TBC

  • 124 Second Semester Filipino - Zamar
    224 Fourth Semester Filipino - Zamar
    324 Sixth Semester Semester Filipino - TBC

  • 126 Second Semester Hmong - Lee
    226 Fourth Semester Hmong - Lee
    326 Sixth Semester Hmong - Lee

  • 128 Second Semester Indonesian - Suryani
    228 Fourth Semester Indonesian 
    - Suryani
    328 Sixth Semester Indonesian - Barnard

  • 130 Second Semester Thai - Surasin
    230 Fourth Semester Thai - Surasin
    330 Sixth Semester Thai - Surasin

  • 132 Second Semester Vietnamese - Dinh 
    232 Fourth
    Semester Vietnamese - Tran
    332 Sixth Semester Vietnamese - Dinh

  • 134 Second Semester Hindi - Chowdhary
    234 Fourth Semester Hindi - Chowdhary 
    334 Sixth Semester Hindi - Chowdhary

  • 136 Second Semester Modern Tibetan - Khedup 
    236 Fourth Semester Modern Tibetan - Khedup 
    336 Sixth Semester Modern Tibetan - Khedup

  • 138 Second Semester Persian - Mirsharifi
    238 Fourth Semester Persian - Mirsharifi
    338 Sixth Semester Persian - Mirsharifi

  • 140 Second Semester Urdu - Asif
    240 Fourth Semester Urdu - Asif
    340 Sixth Semester Urdu - Asif

  • 142 Second Semester Sanskrit - Jones

  • 212 Heritage Chinese II - TBC

  • 313 Classical Japanese - D'Etcheverry

  • 377 Business Japanese Communication - Nakakubo

  • 379 Business Chinese - TBC

  • 452 Advanced Japanese: AV Media - Mori

  • 454 Advanced Chinese through Media - T. Zhang

  • 475 Advanced Topics in Asian Translation: Traditional Chinese Fiction - Huntington

Graduate Student News

Access to Language: Empathy and Equity from Theory to Practice  

2021 SLA Graduate Symposium  

Symposium Dates: Friday, April 16th, and Saturday, April 17th, 2021, on Zoom  

Presentation Submission Deadline: Monday, February 1st, 2021   

Submit a Proposal: uiowa/Qualtrics/Form/SLA/Graduate/Symposium/2021 

Submission Guidelines: Here 

Opportunities & Scholarships

UW-Madison will select one undergraduate student to serve as the 2021-22 Newman Civic Fellow. This student will participate in leadership development and learning around civic engagement with a cohort of other fellows from schools around the country. The application deadline is Sunday, January 3 at 11:59 PM.

Newman Civic Fellow nominees must meet the fellowship eligibility criteria:

·         Be an enrolled undergraduate at UW-Madison

·         Have at least one year of education remaining at UW-Madison

·         Commit to providing a short reflection piece (video, article, or letter format) to Campus Compact during their fellowship year

Students should apply online to serve as the 2021-22 Newman Civic Fellow:  []

More information can be found at:

The RRW Phoenix Rising Humanitarian Scholarship is open for application to College of Letters & Science students beyond their first year who will be enrolled in the fall 2021 with a strong record of community service and humanitarian activism. Successful applicants possess a compassionate for human welfare, engage in action towards improving the human condition and demonstrate the innate qualities of dignity, courage and discipline. Application finalists are invited to virtual interviews with the scholarship committee members in late February 2021. Awardees are announced in March 2021. Award ranges from $2500-$5000 and is provided for the 2021-2022 academic year. Applications are due January 20, 2021. 

This scholarship is made available by the generosity of Charles Manthey Winter and the Richard Ralph Winter Rising Phoenix Humanitarian Scholarship.

Students can visit the Students can visit the Wisconsin Scholarship Hub (WiSH) for application information.  

Funding for Foreign Language Study!
Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) awards

Students are invited to join any of our upcoming online information sessions to learn more about Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) awards for the study of critical and less commonly taught languages at UW-Madison.

FLAS fellowships are funded by the U.S. Department of Education and administered by the UW's area & international studies centers to assist students in acquiring foreign language proficiency.

Summer awards offer up to $7,500 in tuition and stipend support for both undergraduate and graduate students; academic awards offer up to $15,000/year in tuition & stipend funding for undergrads and $15k stipend + full tuition for graduate students!

Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the United States. The application deadline is February 15, 2021.

For a full list of languages supported by FLAS, further details on eligibility, an FAQs page, and the online application please visit: - the application itself will open shortly

There will be two more online information sessions for students interested in applying for a FLAS award. The content of the sessions will be identical; students need only attend one session:
  • Tuesday, January 19, 2021, 2-3pm
  • Monday, February 1, 2021, 4-5pm
Details on the information sessions can be found @; all sessions will be streamed day-of @

Complete information on FLAS awards, eligibility, information sessions, and the application itself is available online at:

The applications for 2020-2021 College of Letters & Science Continuing Students Scholarships are currently open for application. There are two L&S continuing student applications – one for currently enrolled First Year Students who enrolled fall/summer 2020 and another for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors (who will be enrolled fall 2021).

The application due date is Monday, February 15, 2021.

Students can visit the Wisconsin Scholarship Hub (WiSH) for application information.  

Virtual Student Informational Sessions for important information about this opportunity – and other L&S scholarship opportunities will be held as follows:

  • Tuesday, January 19, 2021, 4:00-5:00 PM 
  • Thursday, February 4, 2021, 5:00-6:00 PM

Content provided in the sessions includes: using WiSH (Wisconsin Scholarship Hub), scholarship opportunities, eligibilities and L&S criteria, tips for success, questions & answers and timeline(s).

Additional information about College of Letters & Science Scholarships is available at: For questions about the application and award process, please email Note: Student financial aid packages can be impacted by scholarship awards. Students are recommended to contact the financial aid office to learn about potential impact on current aid packages at

Job Posting

The Greater University Tutoring Service (GUTS) is hiring a World Language Learners (WLL) Program Coordinator for Spring 2021!  


World Language Learners (WLL) Program Coordinators administer the WLL program and works with the WLL and Language Programs staff on events and programming. This position’s main duties include matching tutors native or fluent in a language with students looking to develop their speaking skills in that language, ensuring each tutor is properly trained and has the information and tools necessary to tutor confidently and effectively, and helping promote events such as GUTS Kickoff, Tutor Appreciation Day, and Study Day in coordination with other GUTS staff.

This is a great position for a student who wants to serve in a student-facing position, contribute to the campus learning support community by administering a program concerned with teaching and learning as it relates to language education, and develop leadership and problem-solving/decision-making skills.

The posting is open now and applications are due by Friday, January 8 @ 12:00 PM.

Advising Available
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