Friday's Big Briefing:

The new DNVB climate: Business dynamics uprooted overnight. Sales and supply chains screeching to a halt. No options for VC funding. Where do brands go from here?

Of those doing well right now, Haus is most certainly one of the bright spots | Garance Dore
The Short Shrift.
Reading between the lines: As Modern Retail reports, "It’s impossible to predict accurately how this will all shake out once the dust settles, but there are a few clues. For one, consumer behavior has shifted and people are seeking necessities and services. CPG brands are seeing a boom in demand. Meanwhile, more expensive brands that make so-called unessential items are seeing sales dry up; the luxury industry will likely have its worst first half to date."

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Insights Corner
Friday: Taking Stock
Lucid observations
Grab Bag: The resurgence of the milkman.
What's your southern score? Grocery stores are the tipping point. Ranking chicken tender sauces. What NYC renters need to know. A running guide to services now free or discounted. How The Weeknd mastered his brand. Understanding he Rolex submariner. Greeting in the age of social distance. This Hay credenza is a banger. Kondo tackles the workplace. Radio is comfort food. How Basecamp uses Basecamp. W Magazine hits pause. Bread is in. “My fiancé and I are second cousins.” Yale’s most popular class ever. How Man City broke English soccer. And the resurgence of the milkman.

Brightland drops a new basil olive oil (pictured).
Great time to do it too, given that we're all stuck at home. The thing about Brightland that we appreciate is that the brand is constantly innovating. New flavors, new projects, new ideas. Nothing that it's doing is extravagant––it's all very simple stuff––but that, in many ways, is the charm of this. CEO Aishwarya Iyer could rest on producing two flavors of olive oil and keep it at that. Instead, she chooses to offer interesting new flavors, inviting us all to not only taste some of the best EVOO on the market, but also what can happen when new flavors like basil or chili are added to the mix. Not just olive oil, but constantly offering new iterations and versions of that product. Lovely to watch.

More thoughts on Ethel's Club's move to digital.
Earlier this week, we highlighted how private coworking club Ethel’s Club had responded to the quarantine moment in remarkably nimble fashion by offering a digital community membership. Love to see it. Continuing with the topic, we've got thoughts here from founder Naj Austin on the thought process behind it: "'We had always planned for digital membership,' said Austin. However, after announcing Ethel's would close until it was safe to be in a shared space, members started asking for a way to be connected to the community. Community becomes even more critical after a disaster. You feel anxious, fearful, sad, and irritable. You may have difficulty concentrating and sleeping. Taking care of your mental health is vitally important. She realized it was time to implement the digital plan.'"

Ana Andjelic: "The definition of a taste regime".
Andjelic has been putting out tremendous work of late breaking down the new direction of luxury-oriented culture for the HENRY (high earner not rich yet) set. Her latest column, discussing what she calls the new "taste regime" is worth the read. The highlight for us: "In the past, more was always more. Brands promised us to be more attractive, more accomplished, more affluent, only if we bought more of their products. . . . [B]igger was always better: a bigger house, a bigger car, a bigger sofa, a bigger logo. Today, more important than a Mari Kondo lifestyle is a general shift to micro in our relationship with the world. There’s micro-socializing, micro-attention, micro-experiences, micro-focus, micro-expectations. Unable to succeed economically, millennials are turning their attention to everyday things with an almost obsessive, laser-like focus. Can’t afford a home? Get a great mattress. Cook with nice cutlery. Don’t have a retirement account? Enjoy looking at your sill filled with plants. Invest in a beautiful spatula. Modern brands turned millennial existential anxiety into a taste regime."

👋Paul Munford, CEO / Editor
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Maude launches a new moisturizing body oil
Quarantiners rejoice. Maude

Nike’s newest athletes
Are healthcare professionals. Business Insider
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