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Parachute, Recess, Girls Night In: From cookies to cashmere (to sex toys), the comfort economy gains momentum during the coronavirus pandemic.

Parachute's Ariel Kaye must be enjoying this moment | Parachute
The Short Shrift.
Reading between the lines: Behold, the comfort economy: a potpourri of brands, retailers, and influencers––all targeting consumers looking for a little dose of self-care and some anxiety relief. This convergence of industries has already been brewing for awhile, but it has since exploded with the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent shelter-in-place mandates, forcing many people to self-isolate at home and practice social distancing when in public.

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Insights Corner
Monday: Taking Stock
Lucid observations
Grab Bag: What's a post-boomer Condé Nast look like?
You can’t go wrong rewatching Casablanca. Avocados are in, pork bellies out. KeiyaA’s new album is a mood. The human response to pandemics doesn’t change. Doomsday preppers are loving it right now. Microsoft Word attacks the double space. "New-money barbarians battle upper-class traditionalists." The secret world of rare books. Are DJs getting paid? The EPL could return in June. Cities should take advantage of now. The fragile festival economy. Slack was made for this. This is a must read. The new Drake’s SS20 lookbook is excellent. Semaine launches a digital newspaper. The couch gallery crawl. Can Newcastle buy into the EPL elite? Building a place for culture. And what does a post-boomer Condé Nast look like?

Jot: New coffee brand from Red Antler.
Not every brand that was poised to launch this quarter, pre-covid, is wise to do so now. Jot, however––a concentrated coffee upstart, branded by Red Antler––is one that fits well with where we currently are today. The brand was surfaced last week in Lean Luxe: Connect, and reactions from the coffee loving members were mixed. We'll let you be the judge on what you see here, and if you're looking for deeper insight into the brand, Fast Company has you covered: "Jot did not plan to introduce itself to the world during a global pandemic, but given the disruption many are finding with their daily coffee rituals—whether that’s missing the coffee shop, sick of brewing mediocre cups at home, or tired of cleaning up the mess left behind by their countertop barista appliances—there may never be a better time to drop a completely new kind of coffee. . . . Combine that with Jot’s claim of delivering a world-class cup of coffee in seconds, and both Gordon and Hawken see the opportunity right now to wedge Jot into your coffee routines but not take them over."

Yes, Sporty and Rich is still selling like hotcakes.
Lauren Sherman's report at BoF on on how the drop model, for some brands, is still going strong is well worth the read (if you're a BoF paid subscriber) for a nice perspective on where things stand there. The biggest takeaway for us, however, is the fact that Sporty and Rich is still selling like whoa. Here's Lauren's experience: “I’ve ordered from Sporty & Rich before, and while I know Founder and Chief Executive Emily Oberg's limited releases typically sell out, I was surprised to find myself unable to make a purchase, in any size, at 1.02pm. I texted a friend we have in common, who advised me to 'keep refreshing.' By 1.20pm, there was a confirmation email in my inbox. According to Oberg…the few-hundred-unit run sold out in less than 10 minutes. From there, with the okay from her factory, she decided to open up the order, and ended up selling thousands of units. It was the brand’s biggest release to date, on just three items.” Not awful.

Michael Williams encapsulates the perfect post-covid mindset.
There have been plenty of reflective columns and musings these last few weeks on where things go from here. Most of all, thought, it's perhaps longtime menswear writer Michael Williams, the man behind the seminal menswear blog, A Continuous Lean, who perfectly describes what the post-covid mindset might look like: "Why do I have so much shit? So many shoes. So many bags. So many sets of golf clubs. . . . This isn’t me starring into a recession thinking I need to cut back on my shopping, this is more about feeling weighed down by all of this stuff. It barely made me happy when I acquired it and it’s making me unhappy now. It’s time to move on from consumption as I knew it. I’m still inspired by small companies, by craftspeople and old things that have survived for a long time. When you confront a generational event like this pandemic, you start to better understand what it might have been like to live through WWII or the Great Depression. It’s hard for businesses to navigate these events and we should better appreciate the things that have. They deserve a sort of preferential treatment from us." Be sure to read the entire piece.

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