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February, 15, 2017 Issue 14

Winter 2017 issue of Open Rivers, a journal from the U of M Institute for Advanced Studies. This issue features local and regional collaborations related to communities along the Mississippi River and more.


The National Water Quality Monitoring Council is an effort supported by USGS and EPA. They host webinars, conferences, and news highlights related to water monitoring.

PRRSUM, the Partnership for River Restoration and Science in the Upper Midwest, is an organization dedicated to bringing together regional river and stream restoration practitioners from throughout the Midwest for knowledge exchange and networking. Check out their website for a calendar of events, upcoming conference, webinars, and more.

Identifying vulnerable data for UMN data rescue event  
The national conversation regarding the vulnerability of federally produced data is sparking a local conversation about the library’s obligation to preserve and protect external data that University of Minnesota researchers rely upon for their work.
University of Minnesota Librarians and CLA’s Liberal Arts Technologies and Innovation Services (LATIS) are investigating the most immediate needs for preserving vulnerable data.


WRS Seminar
Algal Biomass and Particulate Sediment Matter in the MN River
Christy Dolph, Post Doc. Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior
February 17, 2017 - 3:00pm
Borlaug Hall, Room 375 - St. Paul Campus

SAFL Seminar
Marine Renewable Energy in the Pacific Northwest: Experiments in Turbine Loads, Hydrodynamics, Control Strategies, and “Is That a Seal!?”
Craig Hill, Research Associate, Marine Renewable Energy System Hydrodynamics & Engineering, University of Washington
February 21, 2017 - 3:30pm
St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, University of Minnesota

CEGE Seminar
Sevinc Sengor
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Southern Methodist University
Reductive Dissolution and Metal Transport in Subsurface Sediments: A Modeling Approach
February 17, 2017 10:10
Civil Engineering Building

Environmental and Resource Economics Seminar
Daniel Phaneuf, Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

SWAC Seminar
Nic Jelinski, Department of Soil, Water and Climate
Soil lead distributions across scales in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area
February 22, 2017
3:30pm  375 Borlaug Hall
Grad student the day after Valentine's Day
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