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My Challenge To You 

I often find myself, as the day draws to a close, making grand plans for the next day. I am inspired and enthusiastic about everything that I'll get done tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be a clean slate. I will wake up early. I will finally take the first steps on that long-stalled project. I will cut out junk food. Tomorrow holds all the promise that exists in the universe. 

Then I wake up (with my alarm set later than it should be) and find that resolve gone. I eat junk food (because tomorrow I’ll cut it out), and I'll watch one more episode of my show de jour on Netflix instead of starting on that project. 

So here is the challenge I set for myself, and that I now make to you: 

Just start. Start now. 

There is nothing magical about midnight. There is no reason the ‘clean slate’ of tomorrow can't  begin right now. 

Next time you think of something you want to do, do it right then. Instead of making a plan to start tomorrow, take action, any action, however small, imperfect or incomplete, right now. 

Getting started is always the hardest part. Just Start.

Except for waking up early - for that you do have to wait for tomorrow.  

What Caught My Eye 

Self Promotion Corner

In case you missed them, highlights from my blog:
A new blog feature debuted this month: Stuff I'm Lovin.' The podcasts, articles, ideas, gear, apps, and other stuff making my days a little brighter. 
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A common fear for newer runners is finishing last at a race. I have finished last (and next to last!), so I know first hand how to deal.
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