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Think Beyond The Obvious

I try to take away at least one thing from every book and article I read. A recent read was 'Become an Idea Machine' by James Altucher. 

His suggestion is to generate a list of 10 ideas on a given topic every day. While I haven't added that into my morning routine, it has changed how I make many of my lists. 

Now, whenever I need to make a list (for example brainstorming or ideating blog post titles), I force myself to come up with at least 10 items, instead of the 3 or 4 I usually would by default. 

My first ideas are always easy and obvious (and usually not terribly exciting). But 10? 10 forces me to think past the obvious. When I get to ideas 7 and 8, I need to dig a little deeper. Be more creative and uncover the unexpected.

Sometimes the later ideas are terrible, but often they are diamonds in the rough that I would have never found if I hadn't kept pushing.  

I challenge you to think past the obvious.  

You may surprise yourself. 

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