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How one man uncovered a money-laundering scheme involving $230 billion

It wasn't Howard Wilkinson's job to investigate his bank's clients, but a colleague's request led him to find possibly the biggest money-laundering case in history. 

Former finance official gets 15 yrs in jail for bribery

Zhang Shaochun, former vice-minister of finance, was sentenced 15 years in prison for taking bribes of about 67 million yuan ($9.71 million), Beijing No 2 Intermediate People's Court said on Monday.

Another ex-Danske Bank executive charged in money laundering scandal

Danish prosecutors have filed preliminary charges against former Danske Bank executive Lars Morch as part of their investigation into the bank's involvement in one of the world's biggest money laundering scandals. 

Georgetown to expel two students over U.S. college admissions bribery scandal

Georgetown University said on Wednesday it plans to expel two students in connection with the sweeping U.S. college admissions bribery scandal.

The Guardian
Barr's inquiry into the Trump-Russia inquiry is corruption eating itself

What happens to a government when the man in control is a delusional conspiracy-theorist desperate to cover up his own corruption? Read more to find out.

Anti-Money-Laundering Controls Play Bigger Role in Credit Ratings

Lapses in anti-money-laundering and financial-crimes controls are more likely to affect a banks’ credit rating than almost any other nonfinancial factor, according to Fitch Group Inc.

Nordic banks pool resources to fight money laundering

The Nordic region's six major banks are joining forces to set up a customer checking centre to crack down on money launderers, part of efforts to recover from a scandal that has shaken confidence in the finance industry.

Ten Danske Bank Managers Charged Over Money Laundering

Danske bank on Friday appointed a new CEO to replace Thomas Borgen, who was charged along with nine other managers over their involvement in one of the biggest money laundering scandals in history.

Elizabeth Warren’s new policy rollout targets Pentagon corruption

Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants to bring her long record of railing against corporate greed and corruption to the Pentagon.

US: Trump administration prosecutes third whistleblower under Espionage Act

Daniel Hale, a former government intelligence analyst, was charged in a federal court under the Espionage Act with five crimes related to the disclosure of classified information.

Facebook Hires Two of Coinbase’s Former Compliance Managers

Facebook hired two Coinbase veterans to work in compliance this month, and at least one of them is involved with the social media giant’s blockchain effort.

Stockbroker fined for failures on money laundering and terrorism

Dublin stockbroker Campbell O’Connor has been fined €280,000 by the Central Bank for compliance failures in its responsibility to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism.
Denmark’s Ex-Finance Regulator Charged In Money Laundering Scandal

Henrik Ramlau-Hansen, the former chair of Denmark’s financial regulator and former Danske Bank finance director, has been charged by Danish economic prosecutors.

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