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South China Morning Post
Hong Kong is trying to shake its reputation as a haven for dirty money, but has it done enough?

Bruce Aitken, aka Mr Clean, had it easy when he trotted around the globe laundering millions of dollars in the late 1970s and 80s. All he needed was a plane ticket and his golf bag.

As few as eight years ago, financial-crime teams at banks were relatively modest, according to Ian Morrison, a director at executive search firm Arion House. “These teams have grown astronomically,” he says. Major banks might have once had a handful of people dealing with financial crime in a city such as Hong Kong.

China's securities regulator to enhance crackdown on money laundering

China's securities regulator will enhance its crackdown on money laundering, with a string of concrete measures.

Fake Saudi prince Anthony Gignac jailed for $8m fraud

For years, Anthony Gignac lived a life of luxury fit for a royal.

Investigators became suspicious of Gignac, in part because of his willingness to eat pork products that would normally be off-limits to a devout Muslim prince, the Miami Herald reports.

Anti-corruption fever: Be careful what you wish for

Despite the international enthusiasm in support for groundbreaking anti-corruption investigations and mass mobilizations that led to the removal of former president of Guatemala Otto Perez Molina and his vice president Roxana Baldetti in 2015 over two separate corruption charges, change generally and under the administration that followed was never going to be easy.

South China Morning Post
Hong Kong ranks Asia’s No 4 business-friendly market after Thailand, South Korea and Japan

Compliance requirements are making it more intricate to do business than before in Hong Kong, according to Margaret Fung, managing director of TMF Group, which conducted the study

Kenya's new banknotes and the battle against corruption

Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced that the country's currency is to be replaced with a new generation of banknotes.

South China Morning Post
India’s worst-ever water shortage, and the corruption surrounding it, can be addressed through privatisation

The current water distribution system in India encourages waste by officials and the rich and shortages for the poor. Under a private system, lost water would equal lost money

How to Eradicate Government Corruption

Among other things, government corruption deals a blow to the country’s economic vitality, and makes it less attractive to investors and entrepreneurs.

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