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CBC News
China says former Interpol chief has confessed in bribery case

Former Interpol president Meng Hongwei confessed to accepting more than $2 million US in bribes and expressed regret for his crime, a Chinese court said Thursday.

Al Jazeera
Malaysia seeks $65m stolen from state fund 1MDB

Malaysia's anti-corruption agency has begun legal action to recover 270 million ringgit ($65.1m) embezzled from the scandal-ridden state fund 1MDB, and estimates assets overseas worth a further $5bn may also be recoverable.

abc News
14th parent pleads guilty in college bribery scheme

A former insurance executive from California is the 14th parent to plead guilty to participating in the nationwide college admissions bribery scheme.

Al Jazeera
Global money laundering watchdog has crypto in its sights

Cryptocurrency firms will be subjected to rules to prevent the abuse of digital coins such as bitcoin for money laundering, a global watchdog said on Friday. The move marks the first worldwide regulatory attempt to constrain the rapidly growing sector.

Iran to scale back nuclear deal compliance unless Europe moves: diplomat

Iran may further scale back compliance with its nuclear deal soon unless European countries shield it from U.S. sanctions through a trade mechanism, the head of Tehran’s Strategic Council on Foreign Relations was quoted as saying on Sunday.


The Guardian
‘Too many loopholes’: Christian Porter urged to go further on whistleblower protections

Transparency campaigners have welcomed attorney general Christian Porter’s announcement that whistleblower protections will be strengthened, while urging him to establish a new whistleblower protection authority, create a compensation scheme and shield a broader range of people.

Pakistan given deadline for counter-terror financing compliance

Pakistan has until October to improve its counter-terror financing operations in line with an internationally agreed action plan, a global watchdog said on Friday.

Iran Anti Money-Laundering Effort Gets New Scrutiny, Group Says

A multi-government group plans to boost oversight of Iran’s efforts to prevent money laundering as the U.S. said the Islamic Republic has shown a “willful failure” to stop illicit money flows and terrorist financing.

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