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In my last newsletter I invited readers to read my book of first chapters, The Best is Yet to Come, and to let me know which chapter you'd most like to see developed into a book. I assumed most would go for the next suspense novel, Running Scared, but in fact more were interested in Kissing the Rabbi's Wife, my memoir about growing up as an orthodox Jew.* This set me thinking a lot about why I write what I write, and how readers make choices. I read a fascinating memoir this summer by Yiyun Li in which she says: 
"Dear friend, from my life I write to you in your life. What a long way it is from one life to another, yet why write if not for that distance?"
I think we all yearn to connect, whether it's with the author of a memoir or the characters in novels. So as an author, how do I choose what to write? A wise friend, Fay Jacobs, comedienne and author-extraordinaire, told me to write what I love. She's right. After all, isn't love the best way to connect?

*You can still download The Best is Yet To come for free. Click HERE
This month's question:  Why do you read what you read?
Do you want to learn about other cultures? Be entertained or swept into a world far from your own? Or do you prefer to read accounts that mirror your own reality? Do keep your responses coming -- just click reply to this email. 
Sappho's Scribes

This summer we did our biggest event so far -- a booth at St. Pete's Gay Pride Festival which attracts approximately 30,000 people. I was thrilled to be interviewed by our local TV news channel and received calls from family and friends delighted to see us on the news.
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I also attended the GCLS conference in Chicago where Along Came the Rain was a finalist for the Dramatic Fiction Goldie award. And I was honored to be featured in a new anthology, Finger Food, edited by Aliza Andrews. You can claim your free copy now by clicking  here

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Every now and then you come across a novel which is completely different from anything you've read before. For me that was Rene Denfeld's, The Enchanted. It's set on death row and the author manages to combine eye-opening commentary on the social issue with language so lyrical I had to keep reading. Another unique novel I thoroughly enjoyed a couple of years back was The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir who got Trapped in an Ikea Wardrobe, by Romain Puertolas.


5 stars! Martha Hurley
This is the second book by Alison Solomon that I have read. I found them both very interesting and enjoyable, with lots of plot twists. She tells a good story. In addition to the excellent unfolding of the mystery, I loved her beautiful descriptions of Florida. It's a place I don't know and had never imagined was so beautiful. The characters in the book are well defined and multidimensional. I look forward to her next book.

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September 21    Sacramento book signing. (By invitation, contact me for details.)
October 1          Jacksonville (River City) Pride with Sappho's Scribes. 
October 21        Gainesville Pride with author Laura Anderson
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