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After I was Ghosted...
After I was ghosted by the hot-shot New York agent I admit it led to some inner turmoil and writer's block. But the great news is that I got over it and have finally finished the next Gulfport mystery, entitled Before She Left.  It's getting the finishing touches from my Beta readers - folks who give valuable feedback on what works (and what doesn't) and discover inconsistencies and contradictions. I'm hoping for a launch in March or April. Now I just have to write the dreaded synopsis, which is what authors use for the back cover blurb (or Amazon book description.) 
This is Where You Come In...
Would this description draw you in? What excites you about it? Does anything turn you off? Let me know what changes you'd make. Best suggestions will be acknowledged in the book!
Why has Ella Jay disappeared? Her fiancée, Breezy Carmichael, is convinced she didn't leave voluntarily, but the skeptical detective Max Golders, who would rather be anywhere but small-town Florida, thinks otherwise. Max and Breezy share a mutual dislike of each other, but are forced to work together as Ella’s disappearance starts to look as if it’s part of a larger pattern: all across town husbands and wives are inexplicably leaving their spouses. When Max discovers that Ella Jay isn’t who she appears to be, both Max and Breezy will be forced to examine their most basic assumptions about truth, honesty and relationships.
Holiday Reading, Holiday gifts...
I recently read Comfort and The Knitting Circle by acclaimed author, Ann Hood. It was fascinating to see her deal with the same tragedy (the death of her young daughter) in entirely different genres - memoir and women's fiction. Ann Hood will be my tutor in January at Writers in Paradise and I know I'll learn a lot from her. 

At this time of Thanksgiving, I give thanks to my loyal readers. Don't forget that the holidays are a great time to support authors and treat your friends and family at the same time! You can buy all my books in print or online and I'm always happy to mail you an autographed, personalized note to append to the book. 

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Buy Along Came the Rain Now! (Amazon)
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I always enjoy hearing from readers (like the one who emailed this week to tell me how much she was loving all the local detail in Timing is Everything.) So drop me a line, let me know how the new book sounds to you, and tell me what you're up to!
Wishing you a very rewarding holiday season, filled with love, laughter, warmth and joy.
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