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This year I had the opportunity to develop and present trainings on providing care to holocaust survivors. Reminding myself of the horrors of that era has been harrowing -- but it's also given me hope. The Nazi regime slaughtered millions of Jews as well as gays, communists, Poles, Blacks, and others. Persecution was on a scale never seen before. And yet, the world pulled through. While I sometimes still feel threatened as a Jew and as a lesbian, I also know that ultimately the world does the right thing and that however bleak things feel, we will survive and come out stronger than ever.
"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning." Albert Einstein
p.s.  I haven't stopped writing, I've just had a little less time for it! However, the next novel is almost completed so watch for news of a publication date in the new year. Meanwhile, I'd like to offer a gift to all subscribers: Click here to download my Chanukah story. 
This month's question:  Do you read different genres in different seasons?
During summer we often hear reviews that say a book is perfect for beach reading. Is there a certain season that makes you crave a mystery over a memoir, drama over humor? Let my know by clicking "reply" to this email. 
Last newsletter I asked how you pick what to read. The answers varied from "book club selection," to "PBS series I enjoyed." But one thing's for sure. When we take a chance on a recommendation from someone else, we're often pleasantly surprised. As Viv said, "I don't often go for humorous books, but I enjoyed the oh-so-quirky Fakir Who Got Lost in a Wardrobe."  

I've been super busy working on a very exciting project - the first annual ReadOut 2018: Books for Lesbians, organized by the Gulfport Public Library LGBTQ Resource Center. Award-winning author and Writers Digest contributing editor, Elizabeth Sims will present the keynote and a workshop, 15 authors will be reading (and selling) their work and there are other events too. For more info click here.
My thanks to Sharon Sprowls for hosting a packed book reading in her home in Sacramento. It was wonderful to see old friends and make new ones.
In September I was happy to join S.W. Andersen at Gainesville Pride and was delighted by the diversity of the crowd (likely due to this being the hometown of University of Florida.)
If you're looking for holiday gifts, I highly recommend the following two memoirs: Shulem Deen's, "All Who Go, Do not Return" and Joy Laydin's "Through the Door of Life." Both deal with orthodox Jews who turned their lives upside down. A sweet book for anyone's pleasure is, "The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry," by Rachel Joyce. Sand Queen, by Helen Benedict was a hard read but a very powerful novel about two women in Iraq, one a local, the other serving in the US military.
Wishing everyone a very Happy Chanucah, Merry Christmas and Wonderful December.
Alison R. Solomon 
Devoted is an ideal gift for those who enjoy reading about faith issues in a novel. Click here to buy now!
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