When is a Series, not a Series?

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Many readers who enjoyed Along Came the Rain and Devoted asked me if I was going to return to these characters. Although both novels were set locally, I didn't have the foresight to make them a series. However, my next novel, Timing Is Everything, is going to be the first of the Gulfport Mysteries. Writing a series turns out to be a challenge: how do Wynn and Kat talk about past events without revealing plot secrets from the previous novels? Stay tuned to find out!
"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."  Walt Disney
Last year I had this crazy idea: to bring a bunch of authors to town and do a weekend of events for readers and writers, which would highlight the Gulfport Library's LGBTQ Resource Center. I had no idea if authors would participate, readers would attend, and whether we could attract a wide audience. Turns out that if you build it -- and have the support of a great committee and a fantastic library --  they really do come. The ReadOut was a phenomenal success!  You can read articles about it from our local press here and here
Are you willing to try new genres?
Some people have genres they never try: paranormal, sci-fi, romance, mystery. Do you have genres you stear clear of?
Last month I asked whether you read specific genres at certain times of year. Glenda said "not so much by season, but I do prefer romance or humour when I’m ill or feeling blue. And no violence at night." Jane said that because of the weather, "in winter I like to read books set in summer." Carol said, "I read mysteries all year round!"
ReadOut 2018, Gulfport Library
A few images from the ReadOut. A big thanks to all who attended!
Carefree Resort, FL
I had a blast with Sappho's Scribes participating in a very successful event where I made new friends and found new readers. (Welcome to my newsletter y'all!)
How do you choose between your lover and your best friend when supporting one means selling out the other? While putting out the trash, Wynn is badly injured by a hit and run driver.  Her friend Kat, is only too eager to help find the criminal -- until she realises the prime suspect is her new girlfriend, Gordy Luna.  Get a sneak peak of Timing is Everything, here. Set entirely in Gulfport, Florida, Timing is Everything reintroduces Kat from Devoted and Wynn from Along Came the Rain. (Click on the links if you're unfamiliar with them.)


When my first novel was published, I checked for reviews all the time. Now, I often forget to see whether there are any additional ones. So I was very happy to see this new review for Devoted in Goodreads and on Amazon. 
5 stars! Robin T. 
Well-written with a compelling plot, I was especially pleased with the astute psychological observations and insights of the characters' lives."

Don't forget to post your review! 

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This Sunday, March 11: 
I'll be joining some noteworthy authors at The Queen's Head 2501 Central Ave, St Pete, 1pm-3pm for an event sponsored by Wordier Than Thou.  (In fact, Rachel Spangler was just announced as a Lambda finalist.) For details, click here.    
Sunday, June 24:  St. Pete Pride with Sappho's Scribes. 
July 5-8 National Women's Music Festival: I'll be giving two workshops on writing and publishing. Hope to see you there!

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