Desperate People Do Desperate things

A quick update from Alison R. Solomon
Although I generally stear clear of politics in my newsletters, the recent news demands my reaction. You see, when I'm not writing novels, one of my day-jobs is training home health aides who work with holocaust survivors. Most survivors were children at the time of the holocaust and to this day they still deal with the trauma of being forcibly separated from their parents with no idea what was happening or why. 
When current events and novels coincide... 
I've always been very aware of immigration issues because of Jewish history as well as my own immigration difficulties to the USA. So I wanted to use this topic as a backdrop for Timing Is Everything. The events in my new novel aren't as awful as those we're seeing in the news, but unfortunately it's timely nonetheless.
In Timing Is Everything, despite being a legal immigrant, Gordy knows that if the authorities think she committed a felony offense, she could be deported. Even though she believes she's innocent, she comes up with a desperate plan for herself, because desperate people do desperate things.
I watch the scenes at our borders on the news and I see people desperate to earn a living or to get away from gangs and violence. Some folks use fiction as a way to escape reality, others prefer their fiction to reflect their world. Hopefully, my novels straddle that divide -- entertaining mysteries with upbeat endings, but a few serious issues along the way.
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Despite extremely bad weather, the turnout for the launch of Timing Is Everything was fantastic. We had a blast and I was so proud that the event generated over $200 for the Sonia Plotnick Health Fund!

Sunday June 24th:  I"ll be joining my fellow Sappho's Scribes at the St. Pete Pride street fair. Stop on by and say hi! (That's us at last year's Pride.)

July 5-8 National Women's Music Festival: I'll be giving two workshops on writing and publishing and participating in an author panel. For more info about the event, click here.
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