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What do we do when we can't play tennis?
Dear fellow tennis player, 
Only two days into no morning tennis and I miss it and my fellow players already. So I decided to reach out and let you know a little about who I am and what I do, in particular because I have a new release coming up and I've coupled it with supporting a local charity. Some of you may know I'm the author of three suspense/mystery novels, all set locally. The fourth was due to be launched at Gulfport Public Library in April but instead I'll be launching it online. 
With recent worldwide events, I wasn't sure whether now was the right time to launch a book at all. But I do know that a lot of folks are looking for new reads as a way to distract themselves and lift their spirits. We're also  looking for ways to help others in these difficult times.

So I decided to launch Before She Left early and to donate 25% of all pre-order income to the Sonia Plotnick Health Fund which supports women who need help paying healthcare expenses  I hope you'll support me and the fund by pre-ordering here.(Please note, you can only pre-order ebooks. Paperbacks will be available April 7, launch day.)  
Ella Jay has vanished without a trace and in the small town of Gulfport, Florida, where everyone knows everyone else’s business, husbands and wives are deserting their spouses. Could Ella’s disappearance be part of the same mystery?  Click here to read the  first chapter. 
Want to start with the first one?

If you want to read the books in the order they were written the first is Along Came the RainWynn Larimer would be the first to admit she has a bad memory and that lately it's been getting worse. But that doesn't explain how she has ended up in jail, accused of kidnapping two teenage foster kids. Now she's in the fight of her life to clear her name. Her burning question: who has framed her and why?

Wondering if there any tennis players in my books? I guess you'll have to read them to find out! (Clue: the teenage foster kids in Along Came the Rain own tennis rackets...) 

I'm always looking for good books to read, so let me know what some of your favorites are. Most recently mine have been: Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens and all of Fiona Barton's suspense novels.

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In hopes that we all stay healthy and in good spirits, and get back to playing before too long.


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