Produce marketers flocked to San Diego last week for our association's big marketing shin dig, Brandstorm.  It is a great place to find the needed inspiration that feeds creativity-- a wonderful resource for the industry.

Oh, you didn't go?  You aren't in marketing?  Keep reading!

Creativity is not just something for the marketers and It doesn't matter where you fall in the industry, there is plenty of ways to find inspiration to feed your creativity, and often times in unlikely places!  Creativity is connection, whether that is in our business relationships, or connecting a solution to a problem.

This month, we're taking a look at creativity with insights from our team's resident creative!

As I was writing an article for our monthly Fresh Focus, I got the feeling that I was singing the same tune but to a different verse.  Do our readers want me to espouse the virtutes of buying fresh cut lettuce and salad blends for the millionth time?  We can package it anyway you see fit, but the message is the same and is perennially relevant; repent of your commodity ways because now is the time to convert to fresh cut– you will save time, money, labor, and freight!

I digress.

That is when I thought about what we don’t talk about in the produce industry, the structure of creativity.  Oftentimes what we do see in our industry is the latest website release or brand re-boot and at times a war of press releases.  We are left solely at the receiving end of the marketer’s flash, bang, and smoke. So where is the conversation about the behind the scenes work that inevitably takes place? 

This makes me wonder, do I dare share Fresh Avenue’s marketing secrets or the structuring that holds it all together?  David Ogilvy, the father of 20th century marketing brilliance, shared all but one of his secrets, so maybe it is a safe enough bet for us to follow in his footsteps.  So as I put together this Fresh Focus, let me spare you our fresh cut programing for one month and show you some of the rigging that supports our brand, media, and copy.

Read About It Here

We love our cabbage and it certainly is a staple in many dishes and of course coleslaw!  See GreenGate's cabbage harvested, washed, and chopped for foodservice!
We are certainly excited that Amy recently joined our team bringing over a decade of experience in produce!  Wearing many hats, she has done it all including customer service, purchasing, marketing, and management. She now works in our purchasing department helping with the transactional work that is critical to securing great produce for our customers. 

Amy is a produce person who helps build our customers business through procurement and our team is certainly made better with Amy's versatility and dedication.
The Fresh Avenue Team is excited to be partnering with Modern Restaurant Management to bring you a webinar on how to fight menu inflation with produce!  

We'll cover:
  • Navigating Supplier Relationships
  • Produce and LTO's
  • Using LTO's Strategically
  • Seasonality, Menu, and Produce

Hosted by Barbara Castiglia, managing editor of Modern Restaurant Management, we'll talk to Mark Vaughan and Brian Rooney from Fresh Avenue about how a better understanding of produce, a strong sourcing and shipping strategy, and knowing how and when to work with produce in your menu will help alleviate the shrinking margins coming from increased inflation.
Register Here

IFPA Foodservice Conference | July 28-29 | Monterey

We are getting ready for IFPA's upcoming Foodservice Conference in Monterey!  It is always the highlight of our year to be there and connect with our friends in the industry! 

Will you be there?  Reach out to our team to join the fun or stop by booth 819 and say hi!
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