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The successful crowdfunding campaign combined with the financial support from La Grande Motte in France, Seabins’ first pilot port, and the industrial partnership with Poralu Marine has proved to be a successful combination of elements to bring the production of Seabins to life.
Andrew Turton,
Co-founder of Seabin Project
working on the mould’s prototype
in Palma de Mallorca, Spain


Seabin Project SL, the Seabin Pty Ltds operations company, has reevaluated and further developed the existing Seabin prototype V4 to be suitable for rotational molding production with Poralu Marine and have come up with the Seabin V5 which is suitable for both fixed and floating docks.

We did several other optimization such as adaptation for rotational molding using PE plastics (100% recyclable); creation of a one-piece design for simplicity and less parts; testing of a 24 Volt submersible water pump for reduced energy consumption ; trialling of a 24-volt solar powered water pump; testing of 100% recycled PE plastics to be used in the production of Seabins.

From the Pilot Program side of things Seabin Project are currently developing the educational and scientific research and development programs in parallel with the Seabin V5.

Our Marine Scientist is working on the education and learning booklets that are directly associated with the installed Seabins.


The V5 prototype is being built using fiberglass and epoxy resin, this is to replicate the properties of PE plastics.

The molds are received in Palma and first step is to prepare the surface by sanding, then applying a plastic laminate combined with a mold release. A strong fiberglass fabric is carefully placed onto the molds and then an epoxy resin is applied. Another layer of fiberglass is placed over the first one and resin applied same as the first time. This layer is placed with the fiber direction opposite to the first layer to create a strong and rigid base.

The choice to use this material was due to its similar properties of polyethylene which will be used in the rotational molding for

the manufacturing of future Seabins with Poralu Marine, this means that this prototype gives a true indication of strength and material properties at a scale of 1:1.

The Seabins will be a “one shot” rotational


We aim to keep you informed at all stage of the product and company development. To know more about the Pilot Program for our ambassadors, our educational tools for kids and citizen, and the Story of the company and product development follow us on

Facebook: The Seabin Project

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molded product but to build the V5 in fiberglass we need to create the parts from four separate molds.

Once the four molds have been prepared and then laminated we leave the fiberglass/resin mix to cure. Once cured they are then assembled and laminated on the joins for strength and the water pump and all fixings installed, it is now ready for the in trial and testing which is first done in-house at the


The sales of Seabin tin mugs and truckers hats will go towards our tireless and dedicated team working for minimum wage until we have Seabin sales at the end of the year. Only USD$20 the tin and USD$25 the hat to a great cause.

To order yours, please contact

Seabin Factory in Palma and then taken to a nearby partnering marina where it is closely monitored by the Seabin team and marina workers for further trial and development.


This process we expect will take us to the end of August and we aim to have a temporary installation of the V5 pre-production prototype at La Grande Motte marina mid to late September. The pre- production Seabins are expected to start tooling in October- November and the first pre- production Seabins will be installed at La Grande Motte and other Pilot Ports around the world with press releases to be announced.

The preproduction Seabins will be installed in our pilot ports and trialled for 3 months before production starts and the Seabins will be available to purchase.

This is to be sure we have a perfect product and have no problems with any element of the pre-production Seabins. Seabins will be manufactured for Pilot Ports around the world including La Grande Motte in France.

The Seabin team will be working closely with the Pilot Ports to gather data and feedback on the Seabins to further the growth of our technologies and development before going into manufacturing and distribution in France at Poralu Marine towards the end of the year!!

Check out the Seabin Vimeo channel to view our videos including the latest footage of the prototype being manufactured. 177092595

Thanks again and we look forward to providing the next update soon!

The Seabin Project team.

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