Volume 3 – Number 5 – May 3, 2021

As part of our ongoing commitment to give you the resources you need to not only help you protect your business but to ensure your success, PFA is proud to announce the launch of our first season of the PFA Protects podcast! PFA Chief Executive Officer Daniel Larson is featured in Episode 1: He discusses our long-standing roots at PFA – dating back to 1998 – and why adding freight broker authority to a motor carrier operation can be so beneficial at several different levels. Our PFA Protects podcast joins the roster of informational resources we offer throughout the year: Our blogs and white papers at, our videos at PFA TV, our social media platforms on Twitter and Facebook, our special offers by email and our monthly e-newsletter. If there is a topic you would like to see covered in our new podcast, drop us a line at


We drive into the month of May with a reminder that PFA can take care of ANY surety bond that you need for your freight broker or motor carrier business. Although we are best-known as the nation’s leading provider of the $75,000 BMC-84/BMC-85 freight broker bond, we offer every type of surety bond as well as transportation insurance. That includes: Customs bonds, DOD/SDDC bonds, Fuel Tax bonds, PrePass/Toll bonds and more! We have them all. Given the advantages of bundling, doesn’t it make sense to have all your bonds AND insurance products with one provider; served by one relationship? Give us a call at 800-595-2615 before you renew your existing surety bonds and/or insurance policies. Our goal is to save you both time and money.

If you are a motor carrier thinking about adding freight broker authority, our team here at PFA can help you with the entire process. Our Sales Associates have many years of experience in helping applicants navigate the process of getting freight broker authority. Check out our white paper on the subject or download our PFA Protects podcast. You can also email us at for more information.

We recognize that many of our freight brokerage customers have a motor carrier side to their operations as well. That’s why PFA is now offering trucking insurance! We have expanded the number of states that we can offer coverage. Call us today for a quote. Our program is currently available in these states: AL, AZ, CO, GA, ID, IL, NC, NM, NV, SC, TX, UT, WY. Our freight broker insurance products are available in all 50 states!

PFA CEO Daniel Larson navigates you through the basics of transportation insurance in this episode of PFA TV. He explains it’s not just a risk management issue, but a business development opportunity.
It’s always good business practice to keep your head up to avoid the traps set by unscrupulous scammers. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) warns truckers of companies posing as government agencies. The first line of defense is to be informed. Read more here.  
We all know that the transportation insurance and surety services business is made up of many good people specializing in the various front lines of the industry; from freight brokers and freight forwarders to motor carriers and shippers. Yet, we also realize that the unsung heroes of the industry are the back-of-house administrators, sales associates and customer service representatives who work hard behind the scenes to keep our economy moving from start to finish. A shout out to all of you who help make even the smallest of transportation companies run and run well. By working together, we’ll keep growing together!
Auto Haulers Association of America, Spring Conference, Virtual ( — May 4-5

Transportation Intermediaries Association, 2021 Capital Ideas Conference, Virtual ( — May 11-13
Any questions as to how we can help you get What You Need. When You Need It? Email us at  or call us today at 800-595-2615.
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