Winter 2019 Neighbor News

2018 Annual Report

A report of what we did together in Central MN throughout 2018

“The truth is that there are still neighbors of ours who are suffering. Children are called derogatory names by their next-door neighbor and told to get out of the only country they’ve ever known. Families are yelled at to “speak English” while they are speaking their native language with their family while grocery shopping (little does the aggressor know that our immigrant neighbors usually speak 2-7 languages - including English). Elders are harassed at our government offices while getting the help they need. Community members are demeaned while pumping gas, simply for having a rainbow keychain. 

We can do something about this. Some of you already are doing something and we are so inspired by you. Together, we are becoming a community that is known for our radical welcome, unity, and celebration of all humanity.”

- Natalie Ringsmuth, #unitecloud Founder and Director

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2019 #unitecloud Strategic Planning Survey

#unitecloud desires community feedback for Strategic Planning

The purpose of this survey is to collect information from community members to help inform the direction of the #unitecloud organization from 2020-2025. The Survey is open until March 20, 2019. We look forward to hearing  your feedback and ideas!

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Central MN News

”Why Treaties Matter” Exhibit at Whitney Senior Center, St. Cloud, through March 9th, 2019

Why Treaties Matter: Self-Government in the Dakota and Ojibwe Nations is an exhibit of authentic Dakota and Ojibwe voices telling their own stories of how they have remained sovereign (self-sufficient government), adaptable, and sustainable. Visit the exhibit in Clemens Hall.

Free & open to the public during Whitney Senior Center building hours.

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Love Your Neighbor Shout Out!

"I just wanted to shout out the two Somali neighbors who so graciously helped me get my car unstuck today. While several other people passed, and found me trying to dig out my car quite comical, these two gentlemen immediately pulled over to help without hesitation. They weren’t wearing snow gear and yet they walked into the drift to help push. I love my community and the people who make it so incredibly beautiful. ❤️"
- Your neighbor, Whitney

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Actionable Step: Share your office space with #unitecloud!

#unitecloud Office and Storage space needed

We are in the market for a St. Cloud area office and storage space. Please message us or email us at with any leads.

Must haves:

  1. A room to use for office space and meetings with community members
  2. Storage space for our Love Your neighbor merch/Green Card Voices exhibit/etc.
  3. A welcoming and uplifting environment for everyone in our community!
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Silence is Complicity

Truth be told, the very language used to radicalize Robert Bowers (Pittsburgh synagogue murderer) is commonplace on radio stations in St. Cloud, statements made at political meetings in our area, and even among folks running for local offices here in Central MN.

The bottom line is this: if you are silent, you are complicit. If you continue to listen to a radio station because ”it’s funny“ even though anti-semitism is part of their humor, you are complicit. If you hear an anti-semitic remark from your parents or grandparents and say nothing – you are complicit. If you see your friend post a dehumanizing anti-semitic comment on social media and you say nothing, you are complicit.


The Infinite Blessing of Teaching and Knowing Refugee High Schoolers

I am learning that compassion has more to do with identifying with my students, allowing them and myself space to express ourselves as we walk alongside one another on this educational journey which, at a much deeper level, is also about learning how to be, how to love, how to bless, how to demonstrate and dole out kindness. This reality keeps me grounded, keeps me unlocking my classroom door at 7:30 each weekday morning.

What We're Reading

It Only Takes One Yes

Author: Habso Mohamud

(Photo: Jason Wachter,


In her book, "It Only Takes One Yes," Mohamud hopes to inspire children — especially young girls — to see themselves as being able to make a difference in the world.


"I want to make sure kids have a voice," she said. "But I want to do it in my community because this community needs me."

Despite working for the United Nations, Mohamud chooses to live in St. Cloud.

"I love it here. That's why I'm here. That's why I came back," she said. "I want to give back. Without this country and without the opportunities that were presented to me, I wouldn't be who I wanted to be.

"And this is the country where you can be anything you want to be in this world."

To view the full St. Cloud Times article featuring Habso, click here.

(Photo: Habso Mohamud)

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