BFI News: Your gift of a goat made such a difference for Simone - Seeds, trees ... next are bees! - BFI thanks you for 10 amazing years
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Goats, Seeds, Trees, Bees ...
Walk in Gratitude With Us!

February 15, 2018

Burundian women receiving the gift of goats

Your Contribution is Making a Huge Difference in Simone’s Life

Simone lives in Makamba, Burundi, with her 6 children.
She is a widow with no way to make a living to support her family. Women with no education can only hold “low jobs,” which are next to impossible to get — but Simone can own a goat. By giving her one, you have established a small business for her. The goat will be bred to supply milk for Simone's children, and she will share the goat kids with her neighbors, spreading the good fortune. Your gift is nourishing the whole community!

The Goat Project is a partnership with the Council for Education and Development, a Burundian non-profit organization established in 1972. Our Holiday Goat Project raised $8,800, which purchased 88 goats, offering a “hand up” to lift these families out of poverty and hunger. With the help of other BFI donations from churches, schools, and organizations, we reached our $22,300 goal, assisting 150 women with goats, sheds, and financial literacy.

We especially thank St. Joseph’s Church in Hills, Iowa, for their extremely generous gift of $4000 to this project. What a huge help this generosity has been to so many women and their families in Burundi! Another shout-out goes to the Paulus Family Foundation for their matching grant that supported this and the other important projects of BFI.

We send our heartfelt gratitude to all who contributed. Your generosity is making a huge difference in the lives of folks in Burundi!

Burundian women and goats graphic

Rooted in respect for one another, our efforts are effective due to recognizing dignity in all our students, farmers, workers, and partners.

BFI environment team watering seedlings in Burundi

Planting Seeds, Growing Trees … Next Are Bees!

We have a budding Environment Department within our English learning program! While our Burundian environmentalists are making plans to begin recycling programs, today’s efforts focus on planting young trees. To date, the team has planted 50,000 Moringa and 115,000 Eucalyptus trees.

The Moringa tree has endless, marketable benefits — from water purification to fighting inflammation. It is a sturdy tree, blooming just eight months after being planted, and has amazing potential for business. Moringa powder, tea, and capsules are much sought after by the health food industry.

BFI is proud of our youth leading efforts to improve the environment. The Environment Group now reaches 16 of 18 provinces in Burundi! Their mission is to reduce emissions of greenhouse gas, manage waste products, address issues of hygiene to reduce disease, and promote green business. They also plan to start breeding bees for honey production and exportation.

BFI growth from seedling in 2007 to mature tree in 2017 (graphic)

It’s in the Books! BFI Completes 10 Years: 2007-2017

We’ve done it together! BFI Donors, Volunteers, Supporters, Friends, & Family, thank you for your ongoing support of our efforts to build communities and eliminate poverty in Burundi. From starting our English Clubs, to distributing medical equipment, goats, books, computers, cell phones, offering free college tuition, and more, we are sincerely grateful you’ve walked alongside us in creating opportunities for our friends in Burundi. We remain true to our name, Burundi FRIENDS International.

Rooted in respect for one another, our efforts are effective due to recognizing dignity in all our students, farmers, workers, and partners. BFI is off and running in 2018! Please stay by our side, because together we are launching our next ten years with your help.

Imagine what we can do by 2027! Today, 33,000 students. In 10 years … ? We're moving FORWARD!!!

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