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Fluid Containment Solutions


This 1-hr Prime Resins Webinar discusses the cost effective use of specialised Polyurethanes to, firstly, stabilise the sub-soil and to, secondly, lift the concrete slab back to level where the slab has settled. This is compared with logistics and cost of cement grouting and slab replacement. The basic process is to investigate the causes of settlement, stabilisation grouting of the sub-soil and the steps to slab jacking. Watch the Webinar Here


The following Case Study is a practical example of the application of these techniques. In the Case Study, however, we used Prime Flex 920 for ground stabilisation and Precision Lift 4.0# to lift the slab back to level.


Client: Sydney Water, Quaker’s Hill Wastewater Treatment Plant, Sydney, Australia

Problem: The Quakers Hill wastewater treatment plant features a concrete pump pit that is approximately 20 feet (7m) deep with 16” (40cm) thick walls and floor. There are a series of pumps in the pit that transfer water from the digesters to other tanks. The floor of the pit is sloped to send rainwater into a sump pump located in one corner of the pit. The whole pit had settled slightly in the other corner on the same end of the pit as where a sump pump is located. Because the other corner had settled, rainwater was collecting instead of running to the sump pump.


Geopolymers can be described as “Materials for this Century”

Geopolymers are finding application in many industries including automobile, aviation, civil engineering, concrete manufacture, building and repairing, ground stabilisation and many others. An interesting example in civil engineering is the Toowoomba, Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport, the greenest airport in the world, where 100,000 tonnes of Geopolymer concrete was used for taxiways, hangars, aprons, turning node, culverts, barriers, road works, sewer tanks, bridge, and panels for the terminal building.

Watch this video produced for the Geopolymer Institute in 2015.

Geopolymers are now well proven in many fields and applications, and are the building material of the future.

Geopolymer cements and concretes for building and repairing infrastructure have very high early strength, their setting times can be entirely controlled, and they remain intact for a very long time without the need for repair.

With Geopolymer foams substrates can be strengthened, voids can be filled, slabs can be lifted/jacked, and joints can be stabilised with a minimal of disruption to or loss of production.

FCS Concrete Repairs are experienced in the use of such materials.

Prime Resins Precision Lift 4.0# Foam to Lift Slab

Precision Lift 4.0# is a two-component, high-density polyurethane foam used for void filling, compaction grouting, slab lifting and stabilization, and undersealing slabs. Only this system gives the ability to lift slabs to within 1/8″ accuracy and address underlying substrate problems.

Read complete product description here | Watch 3D animation demo here

Permeation Grouting: Prime Resins Prime Flex 920 to stabilise sub-base

Prime Flex 920 is a single-component polyurethane injection resin used to seal gushing leaks, including wide gaps, in concrete where the structure is not subject to movement. This hydrophobic, super low viscosity polyurethane reacts with water and expands to form a closed cell, watertight, rigid foam. Due to its low viscosity, Prime Flex 920 is also used for permeation grouting of loose soils to consolidate soil particles and increase the load-bearing capacity.

Read complete product description here | Watch 3D animation here

INTRODUCING Prime Gel 2800 Strippable

Prime Resins have developed Prime Gel 2800 Strippable surface seal. This is a rapid cure polyurea non-sag paste designed as a temporary surface seal prior to injection of epoxies or polyurethanes. It comes in cartridges and can be stripped off once the injection resin has cured, leaving a clean surface. This non-sag paste that won’t run or drip in vertical or overhead applications. The surface needs to be dry to use 2800. It is recommended for basement wall or foundation repair, architectural concrete, precast components and tilt-up panels, and parking decks.

Read complete product description here

Precision Lift: Lifting and Leveling Concrete Slabs

Mud jacking with a cement product simply does not deliver the precision and consistent results that can be achieved with polyurethane foams.

Lifting a Concrete Driveway Slab: Slab Lifting with Polyurethane Foam

Choose the quick and easy repair method that costs much less than replacing concrete slabs.
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