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A Thankful Life

But they have so little..
A one room hut, a thatched roof, a dirt floor, the small bed takes up most of the space. The few material possessions the family owns are stacked neatly in the corner. The other wall makes up the kitchen, a few metal pots, bowls, and a small gas burner to cook over. Family life all takes place in this room- eat, sleep, talk, love.

When you live with so little, you appreciate what really matters. 

Ramya's mother wants what every mother wants for her child- the world! As the sole provider, after her husband succumbed to alcoholism, she works the tobacco field each day, earning enough money to buy rice for the next day's meal.
But, they have love and hope.

Ramya will grow up with an education, a chance for a better life. You won't hear either of them complain. They are thankful for each day, for work, for each meal no matter how small, for their hut, for CCDC, and for each other!

They are thankful for the people that provide the support to pay for Ramya's schooling, as are we! 

This is just one of the over 500 stories of simple lives lived in thankfulness.

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My CCDC Story
Watch my CCDC story! I am so very thankful to work with CCDC and people like you, who make it possible to change the lives of so many children! 
-Hannah Granata, CCDC Director

Meet Shyam

Waiting for Sponsor!

Shyam is a smart, responsible 7th grader, who drams of becoming a police officer. His father sells ice cream, riding from village to village on his bicycle. If business is good, he earns up to 200 RS a day (about $3). With his daily earnings, he buys food for the following day. If he doesn’t earn enough, his family goes hungry until business is better. Before CCDC, the children could not go to school, but now Shyam receives education, tutoring, and a nutritious meal he can count on before returning home. He has a real chance of pulling his family from poverty and needs a sponsor to help him accomplish it!

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